Soul Alignment Activation Session

Would you love to honour all the parts of yourself? To reconnect with your inner feminine power? Align with your soul’s whispers? To reclaim your divine truth that you feel inside…bursting to get out?

All you are seeking is already here. Within you.

You are already connected.

You are already whole and complete. And the guidance and connection you seek, is always here, inside you.

But are you open to it? Do you hear it? Do you trust it?

Whether you feel like you were born into a world which just doesn’t get you, or you’ve been through some big life transformations and transitions and want to reconnect with the deepest parts of who you are….

Let me guide you to remember your wholeness through deepening your connection to spirit, ritual and soul….

Let me help you reclaim the deepest parts of yourself (and your shadow) and bring them back to the light.

For I am a bridge between the worlds of the shadows and light, and of spirit and Earth.


Full disclaimer: If the very sight and sound of crystals, drumming, crystal bowls, and oracle cards scare the shit out of you….Its probably best we part ways now.

If you’re open to angelic assistance, animal totems, Reiki, intuitive insights and messages, please read on. You don’t have to fully understand the how to receive guidance and healing.

I bring all the parts of me – my bag of tools, techniques, gifts and guidance to create a heart-centered personalised healing session just for you – like no other.

From the moment you book, its entirely about you. Its all about you and what you need in that moment. As no two sessions are the same.

I work with women who are seeking guidance, without judgement, truth without lectures, and deep connection to soul, spirituality and ritual.


Usually the woman who feels called to work with me feels like she is fighting against herself, who she is becoming doesn’t fit with what the world expects of her – or at least it feels that way.


My personalised soul alignment healing sessions are ideal for women who:

  • are experiencing fertility challenges, trouble conceiving or healing from miscarriage or birth trauma. You want to heal and reconnect with your womb and feminine power to create, while also gaining a deeper understanding and guidance as to what is happening at an energetic and soul level
  • feel like a piece of you is missing, like you are broken, like there is a darkness inside. You know there are parts of yourself that you have locked away. There is shame and fear, and you are scared to show them to the world, your friends and family – for fear of being judged and ridiculed. You long for someone to help you understand and begin to support you, to bring the light to your darkest shadows, without judgement or worry
  • feel lost and disconnected from yourself and others around you. Like no one gets you. You feel misunderstood, under-appreciated and unsure of who you are. You are longing to reconnect within, to your soul, spirituality and heart centred femininity, and want a sacred heart-centered space to guide you home to yourself and your divine truth
  • have done as you ‘should’ for so long, and there is a rebellion rising in you. You yearn to tap into your inner wild woman (however that looks for you) and set her free.
  • are going through major life changes and transitions including, a spiritual awakening, transitioning to motherhood, a career or relationship changes, saturn return, the passing of a loved one, letting go of old situations, friends, feelings, and relationships that no longer feel right
  • as an empath, healer, or sensitive creative soul you know how important self care is, and looking after your own energy. You are looking for added support energetically and spiritually, and my personalised soul alignment healing sessions sound like exactly what you need
  • you have attended my cosmic sound meditation evenings, or divine wholeness women’s circles, and want to go deeper with your healing and spiritual awakening journey, find your voice and self expression, and move into alignment with your souls calling. My personalised sou alignmentl healing sessions are just for you.

As each session is spiritually supported and intuitively guided, no two session are the same. They are based on what you need at the time and can include a combination of:

  • shamanic practices
  • medicine drum journeys
  • sound and colour healing
  • crystal therapy
  • Reiki
  • Angel Therapy
  • Akashic soul blueprint guidance
  • oracle cards
  • Theta healing
  • visualisation
  • guided meditation
  • soul retireval
  • life coaching
  • womb release and healing
  • animal totem, and spirit guide messages
  • spiritual mediumship messages

I may draw on any of these modalities, and trust the spiritual guidance that I receive from your team of sacred guardians as to what your soul, energy body and spirit need at the time. This combination provides a personalised session like no other and the benefits can include:

  • wholeheartedly love, honour and accept all of you – just as you are
  • reclaim all the parts of yourself
  • honour your shadow and your light
  • Deepen your spiritual connection within, to your soul and your sacred guardians
  • achieve a greater depth of relaxation and deeper meditation
  • quieten your monkey mind chatter and give you the time to just BE
  • balance your emotions, awaken your libido, reconnect with your inner feminine
  • open up your creativity and help with the expression of that creativity and your truth
  • feel more confident in your own skin, and self assured
  • open up your intuition and psychic senses and be able to connect with your sacred guardians (angels and spirit guides) easier and clearer
  • feel happier, calmer, more relaxed
  • feel energised, while also helping with sleeping problems and insomnia
  • clear the path to attract more love, wealth and abundance into your life
  • align, clear and balance your chakras and energy field

(Please note, your ability to heal, release and transforms depends on your openness and willingness. I do not do the healing for you. I work with the energy of the crystals, the Archangels your angels and guides, and Soul Guides to send the healing energy to your chakras and energy body. This cleanses, balances and realigns them which enables your body to release and heal. I an the conduit to sending the energy to you, I hold a sacred space for you to heal, however you are ultimately for the level of healing and release you experience.)


“My experience with her was real and absolutely transforming”

kirri whiteThe first thing I noticed about working with Megan was her compassionate presence and focus. She makes you feel like you are the only other person in the world.

Megan has impeccable inner beauty and an uncanny sense of intuition. I don’t fully understand the nature of her gifts, but I do know that my experience with her was real and absolutely transforming.

Hire her if you are looking for a deeper sense of connection, to yourself and your life. She is the realest deal I have come across in a long time.

Kirri White, Passionate Life Coach & Writer


NNAM“Megan has a special gift and I am so happy to have found her.”

I found Megan’s distant crystal soul therapy session to be beautiful. I felt so relaxed and at peace after the session and I had the best night sleep I had had in ages. In the days afterwards, I was able to deal with some stressful situations with much more clarity and less emotional fall out. I would recommend anyone to give it a go and see what difference it makes for you. Megan has a special gift and I am so happy to have found her.

Sonia Donaldson, Natural New Age Mum

What can you expect from a session?

My sessions are all done from my sacred space in Brisbane, bayside or via distance.

There is little difference between in person and distance sessions , since we are working with energy, it has no bounds. So no matter where you are I am able to connect with your energy body, and direct the healing energy to where it needs to go.

In person sessions

If you live in Brisbane, and are seeking an heart centered in-person hands on activation experience.

Following payment of your session, you will receive an email to arrange a time for your session. For all of my payment terms and conditions refer to here, prior to purchase.

Upon booking your session, you will receive an email with my address to come to my sacred healing space.

On arrival, we will take some time to talk and connect, to see what is going on in your life that you would like guidance and support with.

Please know that my sacred space is a place of non-judgement, open hearted love and acceptance. You do not have to be anyone, other than who you are.

You will then lay on my massage table (fully clothed), with a relaxing aromatherapy eye pillow resting over your eyes. You will then blissfully relax while I place crystals all over your body, in addition to using my sacred healing tools including Reiki, shamanic practices and drumming and crystal singing bowls.

At times, we may do a guided meditation,  a journey to meet your animal totem, or adventure to to retrieve parts of your soul. Each session is different and varied and will depend on your needs, and the spiritual guidance I receive for you at the time of your session.

Following your session,we will discuss any intuitive guidance that came through.

 You receive all that you need in that moment.

What do you get:

  • 90 minute personalised crystal sound soul activation session, individually tailored to your current mental, physical, emotional and spiritual state
  • detailed intuitive analysis and investigation into your soul, chakras and energy body>
  • sound healing bath, to energise and amplify the vibration of the crystals and take your releasing and clearing to a new level
  • spiritual guidance and grounded strategies to help you integrate the changes and shifts into your everyday life (this can include specific rituals, crystals, and other tools and techniques)

Your Investment:

 $320 AUD

All sessions are currently SOLD OUT


If you are not in Brisbane, distance sessions are available

Distance Sessions

Following payment of your session, you will receive an email with details on how to get your session scheduled in. For all of my payment terms and conditions refer to here, prior to booking.

At the scheduled time,  I will sit with your energy and intuitively channel a crystal healing grid for you.

Following this I will work with your energy body and sacred guardians and soul guides as if you are in the room with me, and direct the energy to your chakras, and energy body, following the guidance from both my angels and your angels.

You will receive the healing in exactly the time and way you are supposed to – you do not need to be laying or sitting still at the time.

You do not have to be physically present to receive the healing, as we are working with energy and it has no bounds.

Following your session, I send you a short written report including the crystal grid and oracle card spread of the spiritual guidance that has come through for you from the higher realms.

What do you get:

  • intuitively placing crystal grids, and working with the energy of the crystals, Reiki, the sacred guardians and your soul guides to cleanse, balance and realign chakras and your energy body
  • 60 minute personalised distance soul healing session, individually tailored to your current mental, physical, emotional and spiritual state
  • distance intuitive analysis and investigation into your soul, chakras and energy body
  • intuitively channelled  crystal grid, and working with the energy of the crystals, Reiki, the sacred guardians and your soul guides to cleanse, balance and realign chakras and your energy body
  • an oracle card spread and spiritual guidance report to help you integrate the changes and shifts into your everyday life (this can include specific rituals, crystals, and other tools and techniques)


Your Investment:

$220 AUD


All sessions are currently SOLD OUT

Here’s what my gorgeous clients have said about working with me:

“I’ve experienced a deep sense of peace and renewal”

I’m so grateful for my distant healing session with Megan. She gave great insight and articulation of my soul, it’s purpose and how I can support myself during such a great time of growth, expansion and self acceptance. Since my session I’ve experienced a deep sense of peace and renewal. Thank you Megan for helping me on my path.

Megan Ezzy


“If you haven’t had a healing with her yet, do yourself a favour. Go and see her.”

My healing with Megan was one of the most exquisite and effortless experiences I’ve had on a healer’s table. From the moment I stepped into her house of sacred treasures, I felt completely safe to let go and receive the healing I’d come for. I blissed out as Megan covered me in crystals, played crystal singing bowls and beat her beautiful drum over me. Megan is an absolute gem (pardon the pun). If you haven’t had a healing with her yet, do yourself a favour. Go and see her.

Emma Shields


“She truly is very gifted….. She’s the real deal”

Thank you so much for my intuitive reading. It was very deep and in places quite confronting for me, but at the same time uplifting and liberating. I cannot express enough my gratitude and appreciation for you sharing your gift and the work you do, you are truly amazing, talented and generous.

To anyone reading this I cannot recommend Megan and her services highly enough; she truly is very gifted. She tapped into my energy and delivered personalized guidance that was perfect for me at the time- she’s the real deal! and extremely warm, friendly as well as being very affordable.

S Rook, Queensland, Australia


THANK YOU SO MUCH Megan! Best reading ever!!!  Tremendous amounts of Love, Peace and Gratitude!! ♥ ♥

K Levis, Queensland, Australia


Rachel MacDonald Testimonial

“I highly recommend working with this woman!”

Megan is a truly gorgeous – and gifted – soul.The reading I received from Megan was so spot on, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry! I was looking for guidance around the direction of my business and a long-overdue house move (that just didn’t seem to be happening), and when I read her beautifully strung-together words, I immediately felt comforted, clear and ready to take the next step. I highly recommend working with this woman!

Rachel MacDonald – Life + Blog Coach

Wow! Wow! Wow! You are so bang on everything!
Tracey Rose Testimonial
Thank you  – I soooo needed that nudge & I’ve been thinking I need to get clear again to feel focused & calm, so I can move forward with purpose.

Tracey Rose – Mama + Entrepreneur, Sydney


“OMG Megan what did you do to my kids last night? After putting my children to bed after 9pm, I woke at 5.09am and checked the twins chests to make sure they were still breathing and then woke my husband to show him the time. Both were still sleeping soundly, and continued through to 6.50am and they are having their first feed for the day at 7am. I actually cried happy tears around 5.30. Even at 5 that was their longest sleep ever and the fact they made it to just before 7, AND on top of their awesome sleep, they are both happy and smiling. I am so so so grateful Megan, thank you.”

Phoebe Hook


“Working with you has transformed my life”

Megan, I’ve been searching for your voice for such a long time! I knew there was so much more to our story, but I found myself tied up in labels and mothers’ guilt. I constantly felt overwhelmed and full of fear.
The decision to work with you was easy and it has been the most precious gift for me. Now I feel so free! Free of the guilt, free of the fear! I knew there was more to it and you provided the answers I’d been longing for. It all makes such perfect sense!  Now I feel  empowered and can confidently trust my own intuition to know how best to support my family. Working with you has transformed my life. Thank you so so much!

Franki Hopkins, Mother of 3


“Her guidance brought the most AMAZING change today for my son and I”

“Megan is more than word can express. I have come to Megan on several occasions for both my children, husband and myself. Her guidance has brought such calmness and clarity with all my family members. I can’t speak highly enough of her. Her guidance brought the most AMAZING change today for my son and I. I can not thank her enough for helping me. My husband and I are just truly amazed by the difference we’ve seen.  I couldn’t agree more with my husband words “There is something so special about Megan, I get a great feeling, I don’t know what it is, but it feels like an amazing sense of calm.” Thank you so so much Megan.”

Anne Clark, Mother of 2



 Disclaimer: Intuitive Divine Guidance Readings, Reiki, Angel therapy , Crystal Soul Therapy, Akashic records guidance, Sound healing and other modalities offered here do not and are not ever meant to replace professional medical assistance or psychiatric care. Always seek medical advice for pain, disease, emotional issues and injuries. Megan Koufos is not a Doctor or psychiatrist, psychologist and any information shared is not to be taken as professional advice or meant to replace or negate such advice. These modalities are complimentary therapies, and as such are designed to compliment any other treatment or advice from a medical profession that you are receiving.