Spiritual Support Mentoring Session Questionnaire

Spiritual Support Mentoring Session Questionnaire

Thank you for purchasing a Spiritual Support Mentoring Session.

Below is a questionnaire which will help to give me an idea of who you are, and what you are seeking support with – to get the most out of your session.

I personally recommend carving out an hour or to complete it.  Take your time.

You may light to light a candle, or some incense. Have your favourite tea (or wine), play some gentle music, gather up your crystals and let the smell of your favourite oils infuse in the air – what ever you need to create a sacred space, to give the act of answering these questions infused with divine intentions and heart entered generosity.

Take some deep breaths and take your attention to your heart as you begin to complete these questions. Please include everything and anything you feel guided to share.

Know that when I receive your responses, I am truly honoured and full of gratitude to be receiving your intimate and sacred details about you and your journey. There will be candles, crystals, incense, herbal tea (or wine), and absolute commitment from my soul to yours.

Once I receive these details, I will contact you via email to schedule in a time for our session.
Enjoy this process.

Love and hugs



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