Divine Wholeness Mentoring

Lets Align and Re-awaken you to the Truth of who you are, Reclaim Your Divine Feminine Power and Remember Your Wholeness

Whether you have been on your spiritual journey for some time, or just beginning – you are seeking a deeper connection to the unseen world and are ready to be in sacred communion with your divine essence.

My Divine Wholeness Mentoring program is for women who want support through soul awakening and ascension, and are ready to remember their wholeness, honour their divine truth and reclaim their divine feminine power and inner wild women.

Unlike a lot of mentoring and coaching programs you see – this an entirely intuitively, personally designed program based on you, your journey and your own individual needs.

Yes – that means you tell me how many sessions you want, how long you want to work with me and where you want to go on this journey together.

We are multidimensional beings so we need a multidimensional approach – not a one size fits all approach  – if you are looking for a one size fits all mentoring program  – I’m probably not your gal.

But if you are looking for a collaboration, looking to hire me as a guide to come on your spiritual adventure with you, to help you navigate the terrain – I would be honoured to be your guide.

The truth is the way we work together is changing.

The days of me telling you what you need, and for how long are over.

The days of putting you into a standard timeframe is the old paradigm

This is about us working together, you tell me what you want, and intuitively I will feel into your energy, provide any guidance I receive and together we come up with a program that is exactly what you and your soul have called in – a divine collaboration of the highest order.

We journey where you choose and for how long.

While the areas we can journey through are endless – here are some ideas to get your started:

  • Grounded strategies to bring more ritual into your everyday life, and connect with your soul
  • Shadow work to reclaim the parts of yourself you have disconnected from and honour your triggers
  • Guidance on crystals and how to use them for different purposes
  • Balancing business with motherhood
  • Self care rituals and ways for you to fall in love with yourself deeper than you ever through possible
  • Conscious parenting and seeing your child as the divine soul they are
  • Grounded strategies and guidance for reclaiming your inner wild woman, honouring your cycles, menstruation, womb clearing and healing and moon cycles
  • Working with the Archangels and Ascended Masters
  • Connecting to your team of sacred guardians – angels, spirit guides and animal totem guides
  • Connecting to your soul guides and Akashic record
  • Navigating the spiritual path you are on – how to find your tribe, and work through changing relationships and friendships
  • Rekindling your relationship and honouring your sacred sexuality
  • Energy healing, soul light attunement and activations
  • Running your own women circles, creating sacred spaces where ever you go and Red Tent
  • Your energy body – chakras and aura – how to clear and cleanse them, including simple shielding techniques
  • Your higher soul purpose and how it may express itself in this lifetime
  • Conscious conception and spiritual parenting
  • Boundaries and working with your guides to strengthen them and help you stand in your divine power

The list is endless.

Sound Good?


The next step is to fill in the form here, or get in touch with me here, and I will get back to you with more details.

I’m excited to journey with you.


If you are after a single mentoring session – you can find the details here


Here is what a beautiful client had to say about journeying with me:

“Megan is one of those women who has an innate ability to hold, support, nurture & care for you. She created a safe space for me to open my heart & soul.”

“With an enormous amount of love, compassion & time, & not with a single drop of judgement, I was able to move through one of my toughest lessons so far in my mothering journey.

I’m going to be honest – when I approached Megan my relationship with my son was strained, full of conflict & really tough to deal with – relentless & very confrontational!

I always held him accountable, it was his fault our relationship was like this & I tried everything to make it better.

Within weeks things had shifted – my perception of our relationship had moved so much I no longer held him as the cause, it wasn’t his fault at all.

I’m embarrassed that I could think it was his fault!!!

Now at the end of our time & work together I have softened so much with him.

I allow him to embrace all of his feelings & emotions he has.

I now hold the space for him to really let go, be & feel what his heart & soul needs.

Without Megan’s help I don’t think I would or could have ever imagined such beauty in my relationship!!

As I write this, my eyes fill with tears.

Tears of pain, sadness of where I had come from, & tears of joy & love for where I’m at & the forgiveness in what I felt towards him for myself.

I now have the tools & wisdom to breakdown the challenges to get back on track.

Megan, from my heart to your heart I send you so much love, gratitude & appreciation for the work you do & for the journey you took with me. xx ”

Kelly-Ann Davey, mama & Wellness Mystic

Ready to begin your journey?

 Fill in the form here, or get in touch with me here, and I will get back to you with more details.