Lets Create a Personalised ceremony just for you and your journey


Ceremonies can be for my different occasions – preparing women for motherhood (blessing ways), after life changes and transitions, moving home, starting a new job, and launching a new business.

A personalised ceremony provides a sacred gathering of your closest friends, for you to call in in your circle of support,  to come and be with you during this sacred time. The ceremony brings a great message of surrender to the support that it always around you – the seen and unseen.

It also provides a sanctuary to honour your journey, and bring you in close communion with your soul and divine realm

I love to facilitate and hold space for these amazing gatherings, and one of my gifts is being able to hold a sacred, nurturing and safe space for all in attendance. When women gather together we create magic.

For all of the ceremonies I lead, it includes:

  • 2 x 30 minute phone calls to gather your requirements, and check in closer to the day of your ceremony
  • 2 hours preparation of your own personalised ceremony
  • unlimited email support leading up to the ceremony
  • fresh flowers for the event including flower centre piece mandala
  • 2 hours ceremony facilitation by me
  • travel time (within an hour of brisbane)

I’m more than happy to travel interstate if needed ( additional costs will apply)

The fees depend on the type and size of the ceremony.

If you are interested in getting me to facilitate a ceremony for you, get in contact with me here for more details.

Not ready for you own personalised private ceremony? Come and join me in one of my public events.


Beautiful love notes from past ceremony attendees:

“She provided such a beautifully sacred, supportive, and cherished space that had us never wanting to leave.”

“When I was invited to my first ever baby blessing way, I was SO excited. I had heard how incredibly powerful and cherishing these ceremony’s are, and I couldn’t wait to be apart of one.

I had a small understanding of what to maybe expect, but boy was I absolutely blown away with what happened on this day.

When I first met Megan, her presence was so beautifully warm and inviting. She oozed love and passion, and I felt so comfortable and supported within this circle of women.

For a whole morning, we took part in this “Blessing Way Ceremony”, which in comparison to a baby shower, is a special ritual that is all about the mother. The focus was on our beautiful friend – as the goddess who receives, and we created a sacred circle and spent the day activating the energy of the feminine. We connected, and shared, and laughed, and cried. It was a day that brought everyone so deeply back to the ground, as we sat in unison, adorning on our beautiful friend.

Megan bought this together. She provided such a beautifully sacred, supportive, and cherished space that had us never wanting to leave. I remember sitting there, watching in awe of her calmness, yet electric feminine energy, as she so naturally guided our group through a day of absolute bliss.

Megan ignited something inside all of us that day. None of us wanted to leave. We were feeling so loved up and full of joy, that taking steps back into our regular weekend lives didn’t feel as inviting.

But we did leave, wondering why we don’t do this more often. We all felt so electrically charged on love.We left with our love tanks absolutely overflowing, with a level of passion and vibrancy that stayed with us for days following.

This connection to my band of sisters, is something that I cherish so much, and Megan so beautifully provided this soul nurturing space for us to tap into this, and access this beautiful power that we females have.

I absolutely loved every single second of this day, and what Megan put together for us was nothing but pure magic. ”

Ash Ward, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach


“The journey that you took us on was so perfect and special and it is a day that I will never ever forget”

“What a truly incredible day it was. I can not even begin to describe the love and support that was held in this sacred space today in preparing me for my magical transition into motherhood. I am absolutely overflowing with love and gratitude for the amazing women who have empowered me with so much strength…what a beautiful girl tribe I have.
A massive THANK YOU to you beautiful Megan for creating such a safe and sacred space for us to be open, honest and help lift each other as the wonderful soul sisters that we are. The journey that you took us on was so perfect and special and it is a day that I will never ever forget. Thank you for putting your heart and soul into creating the most spiritual and love filled ceremony for me and little Blueberry.” 

Jaimee Jaim