Well, 2016, what can I say

You will be finished and done with, in less than a day.

To many, they will never look back

They will be happy to see you disappear down the track.

But to me, you were great,

Yes challenging, but yet

You were absolutely transformational, and transcendent.

You were the year of finding my gold,

Deep in the darkness, it was there all along.

The darkness inside, that I’d feared for so long,

You were the year, that I reclaimed my shadow song.

A year of completion.

Of endings so many.

You saw me begin to rise

And then you saw me fall, and literally hit the fucken illusion wall.

You were the year that I reclaimed my deepest soul self.

A year that I remembered the person I always wanted to be

Not the one I was told who I should

Or the one who was told to be good.

A year that consciously conceived a child waited so long,

of longing to feel their own sacred soul song.

A year I deepened my intimacy and connection so great

Within, with my family and my sacred life partner and soul mate.

A year I released so many from my life,

Yet it wasn’t without the deepest of sadness and grief,

But I’m grateful for the lessons, and the strength you helped me find inside

And helped me to realise its time to not hide.

A year we lost so many great creative souls from this world

I can’t help but wonder if there is more of their story to be told.

A year of triumphs, tears, tantrums and of course Trump,

A year we began to open our eyes, see and realise the tipping point of greed and glump.

A year where you showed so many the darkness inside

A year where you gave it no where else to hide.

Oh 2016 to me you were magnificent

I fell in love with myself and my role as a mother, wife and home keeper.

And although the process could have been smoother,

You gave me so more than I could ever have imagined,

and took me in directions I could never have anticipated.

So to 2016, I say thank you for reminding us of our light through the darkness we share.

For showing us the strength of love.

The power of surrender and the way things need to change in us, our world, our race and the planet.

Oh 2016, I bid you goodbye, Ciao, adiós, adieu, vale, farewell,

For our paths will never cross again, and perhaps its just as well.

Thank you for the unravelling, unlearning, reclaiming, releasing, transforming, transmuting, lessons, learnings and teachings so well,

The darkness and the light, and all of those and that I’ve had to bid farewell.

2016 I send you off with absolute love, gratitude and grace – please know you left nothing in your wake.

I now let you go with my hand on my heart,

Goodbye 2016 you were truly great.

And now with a clear slate – unravelled, unlearnt – all new and renewed,

I open my heart, womb and soul to bring in the new.

To welcome the energy of new shiny year,

Welcome to 2017 – we’re all waiting to see what you have to share.


All my love for a beautiful New Year and holiday.

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