I always get asked so much about school, and what I think is the ‘best’ approach for our sensitive, intuitive, spiritually gifted ‘New Children’.

And to be honest this is something I struggled with, for so many years.

I dream of a world where every child has access to an education system where their individual gifts and talents are nurtured and encouraged. Where they are not judged and tested against everyone else.

And where they can learn in an environment which is conductive to their learning needs.

Where they are not forced to read or write before they are developmentally ready.

And where time outside, reading near a water fall and playing amongst nature is the norm and not the exception.

Where meditation, daily craft and other hands on activities are part of the curriculum.

And where they are encouraged to eat healthy, wholesome food – even grown in their own school vegetable garden.

This is my dream for all kids and for one day, all of our education systems.

But sadly it does not exist for everyone.

And so for so long, I held off enrolling my eldest in school.

I talked to so many mums I knew. I posted asked for advice. I sought guidance. I researched.

I considered driving for an hour each morning and each afternoon to an alternative school over the other side of town.

I thought about starting my own school (this is still in the back of my mind)!

And then one day, while in a session with my gorgeous coach at the time. It dawned on me, that education has always been a big part of my story.

And education and schooling is part of my story and purpose.

And how on earth are we ever going to change the current system if we have no idea of what really needs to be changed.

Because to be able to change something, we first have to experience what is wrong with it.

We can go in guns blazing with our opinions.

But how do we ever truly know.

And so with only 3 months until my 1st child was due to start school.

I was guided to go to my local primary school.

Just up the road.

And what I found was really surprising.

I found a community of mothers and teachers who really want what is best for our kids.

I found a principal who understands the important of whole foods.

She talked about kids not being able to sit still and concentrate with all of the additives that they put in packaged foods…and for that reason our school has a no package policy – whole, healthy food.

They have signs outside of the classroom, letting parents know.

They have vegetable and herb gardens spread through the school yard that the older grades look after.

They have colour coordinated menu for the tuck shop to indicate the healthiness of food – with no red foods on the menu.

And they use a homework grid system which encourages a mix of wholistic practices and life skills.

And I also found a teacher, who in my sons first year of school, completely transformed my view of teachers.

I found a woman who loves her students.

Who truly does her best in the confines of educational bureaucracy to give her students the best environment possible for them to thrive.

I found a teacher who brings in a holistic view of education, and does not see your child as just a number.

I found a teacher who nurtures and encourages the whole student.

And I found a school, who listens to its parents, and have some really great policies and procedures to keep our kids safe.

And so for now my kids are loving being at school.

To be honest, I was worried about how my daughter would go at school.

She is the most defiant, spirited and strong willed child (for me anyway).

She loves it, and has settled in really well.

I have always said that if this changes for any of my kids I will look into alternatives.

Yes, they absolutely still have their emotional releases at home.

And my daughter will have her outbursts of squealing.

And I hold space for them, bringing in a mix of spirituality, energy healing, and heart communication to support them in any way they need.

And for now it is working well for my children and our family.

I get that this may not be the option for everyone. And its really important to listen to what your heart is telling you, and follow that, as you know what is best for you kids.

Do you have any questions about school for your child? Have you chosen a different approach? I’d love to hear from you by leaving me a comment down below.

I’d love for you to share this with your friends, if you feel this might help other parents on their schooling journey.

Loads of love and gratitude

Megan xo

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