Helping your kids through the full moon energy

Hi beautiful mama,

I wanted to let you know if your kids have been more restless than usual, know we are coming into a full moon, and our beautiful sensitive kids can feel the energy a few days before.

The full moon is a time of releasing what no longer serves, and celebration. At a full moon our energies are heightened and can result in sleepless nights, and more energy and excitement than usual.

This will only last a few days if your kids feel the effects. There are some things you can do to help: 

  • cleanse and clear their energy – a bath with some essential oils and a spoon full each of sea salt and bicarb soda
  • make sure the are really grounded – lots of time outside – barefoot in the grass/dirt if you can – anything that has them in direct contact with nature – tree hugging, playing in mud, gardening, crystals such as smokey quartz and black tourmaline, and moonstone can help
  • get them really busy – outings, lots of running around
  • try to keep their daytime naps around the same length, so as to not disrupt their rhythms too much
  • lots of water – drinking, playing in or being near – I know it sounds counter intuitive due to the moons effects on water, however this will smooth out the effects, help to keep their heads clear and help with grounding them
  • if you resonate with angels call them in. Ask them to help with the energies at the moment, and in the evenings to blanket your kids with sleep.

I hope these quick and easy tips help.

I would love to know what else you do to help your kids through the full moon energy in the comments below.

Love and gratitude


 Megan xo




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