11 tips for sleep

As a mama of a 3 beautiful high vibrational kids I know the challenges they can sometimes have with sleeping.

And its really important to remember that sleep is a very physical human body thing.

Your child has not been incarnated in a human body for some time, and some New Kids have never been incarnated into a human body, so it can take them time to get this sleep thing worked out.

And here’s the thing…and I’m sure that some of you mamas are not going to like me for writing this…is that your New Child may not thrive on having a large sleep at night – they may prefer to nap throughout the day and night…sorry. Some kids need more sleep and others can thrive on less sleep.

And while every child is different, its also worth mentioning that at soul level, some kids may have soul trainings and experiences that make sleep a challenge.

So I wanted to share some quick tips for helping your child sleep…..

1. From the time they are born help them to understand that night time is for sleeping.

So that means dimmed lights, soft voices, and slow movements.

Yes that also means that even though they are so gorgeous and you want to blow raspberries on their belly when you change their nappy in the middle of the night…this send a message that its playtime…….in the middle of the night…..just letting you know…its your sleep.

2. Make sure their room is clear of clutter and regularly energetically cleansed.

Take some time to sit in your child’s room and observe the energy and how it feels.

Old toys, clothing and items can hold onto energy – especially second hand stuff. And sensitive kids can feel this energy, which can make them feel unsettled and restless.

Make sure under their bed is clear, their wardrobe is organised and tidy, and you regularly let the sunlight and fresh air in.

Make sure you also remove any toys or decorations which are stimulating and could be a distraction to sleeping.

3. Use essential oils like lavender, vetiver, cedar wood and juniper berry in their bath, or mix some with a carrier oil, and massage it on their feet after they are dressed and ready for bed.

This will help to relax them and become a beautiful part of their evening routine which they will, hopefully, associate with sleep.

4. Have a consistent nightly ritual so then your kids know its time to start winding down to get ready for bed…a warm bath followed by a story or quiet play, a gentle guided meditation or your favorite mantra to help them feel relaxed, calm, connected and secure in their bed.

5. Give them a small healthy snack before bed, nothing sugary or too heavy.

6. Remove electronic devices, or turn them off completely (this also applies to electronic devices in rooms next door to where their bed is).

Some kids are extremely sensitive to electronic devices, and they can feel of hear the buzzing sound and vibration that these devices can let off. Either remove them from their room or turn them off completely at bed time.

7. Limit their intake of anything artificial in their food – including additives, colors, pesticides, preservatives and added antioxidants – as these can really effect some kids from increased hyperactivity, to being violent and aggressive.

This also means where they mention ‘natural colors’ on the packets – be weary – as this can effect sensitive, high vibrational kids as well. Give them fresh, organic, whole, natural foods, with lots of good quality healthy fats and oils.

8. Make sure your child is getting enough sleep for them and are not over tired. Once they are over tired this can lead to hyperactivity, and once they are at this stage it can be even harder for them to get to sleep and stay asleep.

I know for my daughter, when she is over tired, she has a really restless night sleep. So for us its better to let her have a day nap, then go to bed a little later at night and she will often wake up with the birds in the morning and quietly play or come in to my bed for a cuddle.

9. Use crystals. If you child is old enough take them to a crystal shop and let them pick their own crystals, as they will intuitively be drawn to the energy of particular crystals. The crystals to use depend on what is going on for your child – so for example whether they are feeling misplaced on Earth (which is common with the New Kids), having nightmares or night terrors, feeling unsafe and disconnected at night.  Some crystals you could use are:

  • Sleep grid: – white howlite under the pillow, and hematite at the foot of their bed
  • Amethyst – a beautiful all round healer which can help with sleep and nightmares – place under their pillow
  • Celestite – can help with nightmares and night terrors – can be placed in their room or underneath their pillow
  • Rose Quartz and Pink Kunzite : Bring in the energies of love and help to radiate this energy through your child’s space
  • Black tourmaline – gridded around their bed or room, can bring in a protective element and also grounding
  • Sugilite – can help to connect with Archangel Michael’s energy, bringing in the protective element and raising the vibration of their room
  • Selenite – brings in the high vibrational white light and grounds it to the Earth, bringing a beautiful pure protecting and grounding energy, which will also raise the vibration of their room

( Always make sure you cleanse your crystals before their first use, and then every few weeks if they are being used regularly)

10. Be flexible.  As I said previously, all kids are different.

Some will prefer longer naps, and a shorted night sleep, and others will sleep for a long time at night with no other naps. Keep a diary of their sleep over a period of a few weeks…some days they may sleep more and other days less and average out their sleeping.

Getting to know your child’s sleep patterns can help you to understand how much sleep they need and when they prefer to sleep.

Know that they may have different sleeping patterns to you and your other children, and that’s ok.  Gently providing the guidance and nurturing to help them sleep, but being open and flexible that they may not sleep when you want them to.

Often once you provide this gentle acceptance and flexibility, they will stop resisting so much and fall into their own gentle sleep patterns.

11. Know that this too will pass.

Before you know it your child will be teenager and they will probably be sleeping all the time.

If you have tried everything to help your child sleep, relax, cuddle them, pull them into bed with you or curl up on the lounge together.

Do what you need to get through.

Know that you are not alone.

You will get through this.

And the amazing thing is that us mums learn to cope with less sleep.

Remember that your gorgeous New Child is learning to be who they are in their body, and that means all of the the things that come with being in a human body…sleep included…and this can take some time. Be gentle with yourself. Be gentle with them.

I hope these tips help.

I would love to know your thoughts or if you have any other tips for helping your New Child to sleep in the comments section below.

And if you found these tips helpful, please share with your friends and community.

Until next time



Love and hugs



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