your soul has called you here

Have you ever looked up at the stars, and felt like you’ve been there before?

Have you ever felt like a visitor to Earth, that you are not from here, and longed to know where you are from?

Would you love to activate the deep remembrance of where your soul originated and the gifts your soul is here to express?

Would you love to connect and understand the deepest parts of your core, and have the permission to be your fucking amazing self?

Are you ready to unlock a deeper understanding of your soul purpose and the unique medicine and magic you are here to bring?

if you answered yes to these questions

i’m here to be your guide

my signature soul essence blueprint sessions can give you the clarity to these answers you seek & more

You will gain clarity, peace and confidence, to move you forward on your destined path with purpose.

You see before when we agree to incarnate on Earth, one of the programs we are here to experience is that of Remembering our Divine Sovereignty and truth.

Through being born into the physicality of Earth, our soul journeys through an amnesia process – where we forget our Divinity. We forget that we are the essence of CREATION. We forget why we have chosen to come to Earth.

The beautiful thing is that our highest soul self created a map, a divine blueprint, to support you in remembering who you are and why you are here.


This blueprint is written in the stars and encoded in your DNA, awaiting the day for you to consciously activate and remember the truth of who you are, what you are here and how to completely align with your soul. 

A Soul Energetic Blueprint isn’t a general reading.

It is a map to unlock your soul’s true essence and unique code through.

An empowering adventure to the depths of your soul’s Akashic record combined with numerology to receive the healing and clarity you desire.

A powerful confirmation for who you are at soul level, and full permission and understanding of what your soul needs to bring your gifts to the surface and shine your light in this world.

When we journey into your blueprint, I start by searching your Akashic records for insight. These records are a collection of your soul information from not just your current life, but all your lives previous to this one.

Everything you’ve ever been or done at a soul level is written those records and so is the solution to the frustration you’re experiencing now. The information is there and waiting for you to uncover it.  All you have to do is consciously activate it, and be open to receive.

But please be aware that this isn’t just a general, wishy-washy reading. It’s a life-transforming experience. An adventure into the core of who you are.  It’s a journey into your inner soul essence and blueprint that will help you clear the overgrowth, and allow everything you’re meant to become to breathe and blossom freely.

Finally you will get to the core of who you are, and what you have come here to do.

Let me take you by the hand on a journey to the deepest, most sacred parts of your soul, to help you make a path for you to move forward with grace, peace and ease to let your light shine on you, your relationships and your community.

You will come to remember your gifts and qualities that your soul is here to bring to your purpose for this incarnation and know what you are destined to do.

if you are ready to commune deeply with your soul

right this way

“Megan gives so much more than just the reading of the Akashic records

Megan’s reading of my akashic records was so accurate and affirmative. It was exactly what I needed, to find the courage to follow the path I was meant to take. There was much I knew but it was really good to have it all put together n a concise package. There was also a lot I didn’t know but as soon as she said, it felt so right. Megan gives so much more than just the reading of the Akashic records, there was so much information it is definitely worth it. I feel that Megan’s reading has given me that boost and motivation I needed to move forward in the right direction and no matter how long her waiting list is I highly recommend her.

Book in now, you’ll be so glad you did!

– Samm Stars –

through this experience you will:

  • Remember your Soul’s Divine path and purposes for this lifetime
  • Deepen your spiritual connection to your soul and divine truth
  • Awaken a greater understanding and compassion for yourself and others
  • Increase your intuition and self-confidence
  • Increase your energy, enthusiasm and confidence
  • Heal your relationship with yourself, your children (if you have them), life partner, family and friends – across multiple generations of time and space
  • trust the whispers of your soul, to remember the powerful sovereign being of pure divine creation you are.
  • You will finally have a rememberance of why you feel guided to do the things you do and the lessons your soul is here to experience.

  • There will not be any thing earth shattering new that you don’t already have an inkling about – because it is who you are at soul level and deep in every part of your being you know this.

    You will finally have permission to just be you. You will finally have that confirmation that you have been hearing those whispers from your soul, and the next steps for you to take.

your session includes:

I hold a sacred space for the most intimate and magical transformations for you at soul level which includes:

  • full exploration of your divine soul record, starting with guidance to create a sacred space for receiving all that comes through from your soul
  • detailed analysis of your unique Akashic Record soul energetic blueprint, in a comprehensive 18+ page report
  • practical strategies to get you moving forward on your path with purpose
  • up to 5 questions you would love to receive guidance, from your Akashic Record
  • unlimited email/messenger support for 2 weeks following receipt of your blueprint to clarify any questions you may have

*This package takes about 30 minutes of prepatory work for curation and analysis of your star and soul maps


the warmth and kindness that Megan gives is so reassuring and is a unique gift


After my session with Megan I came away with a calm that I hadn’t felt for some time. I felt that she understood me and knew what my purpose is here on Earth and how I can help to achieve my purpose. The warmth and kindness that Megan gives is so reassuring and is a unique gift.

– Kylie Rutherford –

if you are ready to commune deeply with your soul

right this way

but who am I and why should you trust me to be your guide?

Because I’ve been where you are. I know first hand what if feels like to want more, and then feel so guilty for wanting more. I have experienced the devestating consequences when you deny yourself the connection to your soul, your true path and purpose, through my healing journey of infertility, post- partum depression, disconnection and rebellion to remember my divine sovereign wholeness, reclaim my cosmic truth and honour my inner wild woman.

I know what it feels like to heal and reconnect with the true essence of your soul. To clear out the blocks that have been holding you back. To clear the path to finally find what you have been looking for all, to come home and realise that what you needed was there all along.

I know what is is to be a mama, and loves your kids more that you ever thought you were capable of. And I know the enormous guilt you feel for wanting some time just for you. But I also know that to be the best mama you want to be, you absolutely have to take time for you. It is something that you simply must do.

I’ve worked in the Akashic records for the past 6 years doing deep healing and soul blueprint sessions for women, children, men, and families. The deep connection, healing understanding and permission that my clients receive has seen them transform relationships with themselves, their children and intimate relationships. They have started businesses, stepped out in areas they always felt a calling to, but never had the confidence. Moved homes, travelled, explored, began new hobbies and artistic projects and depened their connection with themselves in ways they could never have imagined.

are you ready to remember the truth of who you are?

how does this work:

All of these sessions are done via email.

When you order your divine soul blueprint, you will be sent an email with all of the details I require to tune into your Akashic Record. Once this information is received, I will contact you to let you know the time frame of when you will receive your blueprint report.

Once it is completed the report will be emailed to the email address provided in your booking.

I am available to you, via email, for two weeks following the receipt of your report, to answer any queries or questions you may have.

book now


I’m a happier, calmer and grounded person. My intuition is growing stronger and I trust it and act

I have literally found myself becoming a different person since my session with Megan – and it is the person I always wanted to be. The session helped me understand myself and my purpose so well. So many things Megan said resonated deeply within me. Everything about me started to make sense. Now, I’m pursuing the things that I’ve always wanted to do. I’m a happier, calmer and grounded person. My intuition is growing stronger and I trust it and act. I used to doubt what came through, but now it feels natural to go with what I feel. My spiritual friends say that my light is shining brightly and I just glow. My relationships have improved too. My husband says “I’m back” and that helloes how positive I am, my son comes to me frequently for cuddles. I’m better at listening to people and not taking on their negativity.

A long held issue has been released and the outcomes have been amazing when there was the potential to cause grief and hurt to important people in my life. I’m easily navigating difficult people and issues and finding it hard to believe I’d gotten myself into previous situations as now it seems so implausible I’d act the way I had before.

I can’t thank you enough Megan, and I look forward to working with you again!

– Elisha Seiver –