soul calling


Last year it began as my Mummy and Me Earth Medicine mornings.

It was beautiful and full of light, laughter, connection and love.

Then, after receiving some beautiful, heart filled gorgeous feedback – I received some less than positive feedback – and it really rocked me.

I took it so personally – after all opening my heart and home was so huge for me.

As was stepping out of the shadows, owning all of my gifts and sharing them with you all.

It rocked me to my very core.

And I retreated back to my cave.

Back to the safety of my shell (I often imagine myself as a turtle – I poke my head out and share something, then I get scared and pop my head back in when I get rattled).

Clearly there was more inner work for me to do.

And so I ventured deeper into my shadows.

Completed my training to become a Beautiful Your Life Coach.

I discovered past life blocks that had been holding me back.

And I came to embrace my darkness, along with my light.

And embarked on a journey to reconnect with my sacred femininity, sensuality and sexuality, healing the inner depths of my womb.

And now I come to this place, standing here again.

Stepping out of my cave to open my heart and soul again, and inviting 15 beautiful women and their children, to come and sit in circle with me for a a morning of intuition, connection and healing.

You will deepen your connection with yourself, your intuition and your children.

All while receiving the healing, guidance and support you need for where you are on your journey.

I would love for to join us, for the Mummy and Me Earth Medicine morning.

And the next one will be held

Next Brisbane Circle: Thursday 19 March, 2015 –

And I will be sharing guidance and wisdom on monthly topics this time. The first topic is:

Honoring and Trusting Our Mothers Intuition

If you are interested, and this is calling to you I would love to see you there.

You can get all of the information and reserve your spot here.


I look forward to seeing you soon, giving you a hug, and holding space for you and your child.


Love and gratitude