shining light through the darkness

As a little girl I always remember,

being afraid of the dark.

It was the things I could not see,

but always knew were there.

It was the faces in the trees.

And voices in the breeze.

They were showing me a gift,

that I had buried deep below,

Because I was to afraid to ever let it show.

And although I could always see the light

Within me and within you.

As night time would fall,

the darkness in would seep.

The light would fade,

and as I quietly prayed,

it was so hard to let it in.

Until one day, guided by an angel in human form,

I ventured into the dark,

into the depths of my shadow,

not knowing what monsters would meet me below.

And as I journeyed through the darkness,

I was surprised by what I found.

A small girl waiting in the shadows,

curled up on the ground.

She growled and hissed at first.

Then she looked at me with tear stained cheeks,

“Why did you leave me here?”

My god, I gasped, my breath unable to come through.

Before me, I saw,

My worlds most greatest fear.

A child alone and scared,

waiting in the dark.

A part of me that had long been left.

Forgotten and locked away.

Because she was too ‘naughty’. Or too ‘rude’.

To ‘crazy’, or too ‘crude’.

Or just wouldn’t do, as they would say.

And with outstretched hands, I picked her up.

And the darkness began to fade.

I held her close,

And breathed her in,

At last I began to feel made.

Like a part of me that had once been lost.

Came suddenly flooding back.

With a whoosh and whirl.

And a giddy twirl,

the darkness began to crack.

And in shone the light,

brighter than ever before.

And so back I came to the shadows for more.

And again.

And again.

and a-gain.

Each time finding, a new piece of me.

A new piece to reclaim,

and to be set free.

And now in the darkest of night.

I feel no fright.

For I have rekindled the light, within me,

That was waiting in the shadows,

Like a lock and a key,

To open the door,

for my light to shine free.

All my love and gratitude



 Megan xo