Connection, Healing & Guidance With Your Guardian Angel




by Megan Koufos (Music by Thaddeus)

This guided meditation, available for immediate MP3 download, connects you with your guardian angel.

Set against a backdrop of soothing and calming music this meditation is suitable for mothers and children.

Through this meditation you will meet your guardian angel and receive the messages, gifts and support that you need in any area of your life. Let yourself be engulfed by their wings of love and support, giving you the guidance that you need right now.

Due to the high vibration of this meditation, it can also be played in a room to clear the energy of your room and lift your vibration.

It can also be played in your child’s room to lift the vibration and remove any heavy energy.

Duration: 23:19


(The meditation will need to be downloaded to your computer first, from there it can be uploaded to your iPhone or iPad.)


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