Raising Intuitive Connected Kids


In this noisy chaotic world, how do we support our children to trust their inner compass, and stay connected to their gifts of intuition, and empathy?

If you have been wanting to know the answers to the following:

  • How do I connect them with their angels/fairies/animal totem guides?
  • How do I teach them to clear and shield their energy?
  • How do I help them listen to and trust their intuition?
  • How do I reconnect with them after the shit has hit the fan?
  • How do I honour their sensitivity in a noisy world?
  • How do I help them stay connected to their spiritual centre and gifts?

This book course is for you.

It’s full of fun, creative, loving and nurturing ideas to do all of this and more.

It’s what I’ve done with my kids for years to support us.

It’s what our beautiful Intuitive kids are calling in.

Currently available for PRESALE now with 50% off the final price.



It includes

  • reflection exercises for you and your family
  • fun ways to bring more creativity, connection and consciousness into your family and home
  • 4 meditations for download,
  • journaling prompts, and
  • checklists

Currently available for PRESALE now with 50% off the final price.

If you:

  • and your child been going through some challenges and you feel disconnected from them
  • have a highly sensitive, strong willed, child who you would like to understand
  • have a child who  struggles with sleeping, night terrors, staying focused, tantrums, fears and anxiety
  • have noticed your child’s spiritual gifts starting to make themselves known, and you want to embrace, nurture and encourage them
  • would love some simple tools and techniques strategies to deeply connect at the spiritual level with your child,  and through that, strengthen your intuition and parent from a conscious place
  • would you like your child to feel calm, connected, peaceful and your home full of love and safety

This book course will support you with heart centered, grounded, practical and fun tools and techniques to strengthen your connection, nurture your child’s intuitive and empathic gifts, and deepen your conscious parenting journey – seeing your self and your kids for the divine beings you are.

Currently available for PRESALE now with 50% off the final price.

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