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“I sent her an email with my questions and what she sent back changed my life.”

I have always wanted to believe in Guardian Angels and Guides.  I was never quite convinced though.  I always felt I was not alone but at the same time the thought of not being alone scared me a little. Then I heard about Megan! I emailed Megan and straight away I felt comfortable and trusted her. I sent her an email with my questions and what she sent back changed my life.
Amongst a lot of other things she told me about an animal totem I had with me, a beautiful white wolf.
The message the wolf conveyed through Megan to me made a lot of sense. Scarily accurate and I spent the following few days in fascination.
Anyway my story turns into something of a miracle one morning when I was on my way to work.  I was thinking about the white wolf and imagining she was running beside my car as I drove along, protecting me from the other cars.  I stopped in the peak hour traffic and said aloud “I’m not sure if your really there white wolf but I hope so, thankyou!”
Next thing I know this big black car is squeezing in front of me.   I was about to curse the driver for being impatient when I saw his number plate that read “wolve” and there was a big white wolf painted across the back of his car!!!!!
I had goose bumps and I was shocked, I was excited and I was suddenly full of joy!  A sign like that just seconds after what I said is a little too big to say it was coincidence.
Now I know she is with me and she is protecting me.  I have no doubts.   Thankyou Megan x

K Chivers – Mama, New South Wales, Australia


kirri white“My experience with her was real and absolutely transforming”

The first thing I noticed about working with Megan was her compassionate presence and focus. She makes you feel like you are the only other person in the world. Megan has impeccable inner beauty and an uncanny sense of intuition.  I don’t fully understand the nature of her gifts, but I do know that my experience with her was real and absolutely transforming.

Hire her if you are looking for a deeper sense of connection, to yourself and your life. She is the realest deal I have come across in a long time.

Kirri White – Mama, Life coach, blogger +

HUGE advocate of self-care, self-knowledge, and self-love


“Megan has a special gift and I am so happy to have found her.”

I found MeganNNAM‘s distant crystal soul therapy session to be beautiful. I felt so relaxed and at peace after the session and I had the best night sleep I had had in ages. In the days afterwards, I was able to deal with some stressful situations with much more clarity and less emotional fall out. I would recommend anyone to give it a go and see what difference it makes for you. Megan has a special gift and I am so happy to have found her.

Sonia Donaldson, Mama, + Blogger + Happy, Healthy, Holistic Living Advocate


“I have found my true life purpose, and am so happy”

alyI just wanted to express my true gratitude for finding you Megan.

As you know I was way off track last year and struggling. After I did your Divine Mama Transformation program I now feel complete, I have found my true life purpose, and am so happy.

Your wisdom and knowledge is a blessing, following your page inspires me & everything you have taught me, I use everyday.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart Megan ♥ ♥

A Scroggie – Mama + Business Owner, Sydney, NSW


“The accuracy of your intuitive assessment of my energy was absolutely astounding!”

jasminExtending a warm hug and much gratitude for working with me recently…Soul Safari Experience.

The accuracy of your intuitive assessment of my energy was absolutely astounding!

Fitting many pieces of the puzzle together and enabling a clear understanding of
exactly how my energy system was functioning and the steps essential to proceed with to heal the traumatised areas.

As you mention, everything I had always felt and to a part knew, but you were able to provide a clear level of understanding and allow me to feel much more comfortable in my own skin. I now look forward to further expansion and releasing my inner goddess!

I sincerely look forward to working with you again in the future.

Namaste ♥

J B Griffin – Mama, Queensland, Australia


“Just so spot on and resonated with me tremendously!!!”

Dearest Megan!!! I am so grateful and thankful to stumble onto your gorgeous page and have the opportunity and pleasure of your company with you wonderful Soul Safari Experience!!! All the information you told me was just so spot on and resonated with me tremendously!!! I cant wait to get to the clearing process!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ my soul thanks you so very very much!!

T Nubel – Mama + Student, New South Wales, Australia


“Amazing and brought me to tears. So succinct and clear about everything.”

Megan your email reading was amazing and brought me to tears. So succinct and clear about everything. Sometimes, as I’m sure you understand, its really easy to get lost in the moments of life. You are right in everything you wrote about my daughter and her decision making challenges, and you managed to put everything into perspective. Thank you, it really is an invaluable lesson I have just learnt from you.

My angels really gave me an immediate feeling of love and support (and relief)…which I have directed also towards my beautiful kids. It’s been a win/win experience. I never imagined I could feel so moved via a Facebook connection but you have really made a difference to me and my outlook.

Thank you again Megan. Wishing you every happiness and sending you a warm hug xxx

A Isaacs – Mama, Melbourne, Australia


“What a beautiful soul”

Simply Thank you… Your post/blog is uplifting and inspiring and you always seem to post just what I needed to hear just when I need to hear it. What a beautiful soul xx

H Cocks – Mama, New South Wales, Australia


“I am feeling really alive for the first time in a long time”

Life is great. Confirmation from my Soul Safari Experience was just what I needed, I must say I am feeling really alive for the first time in a long time. Alot I knew already but I had some doubt, you cleared the way for me to be me 100%. I can’t thank you enough and I am very very grateful.
Much love and gratitude to you Megan. I am aware of so much more around me. I am seeing signs/receiving answers and love being me, the real me, the healer/psychic/the woman/the Mother/friend. I feel I could just keep writing but I just wanted to say Thank you Thank you Thank you. xxx

B Kleinschmidt – Mama, Queensland, Australia


“Her gift is truly amazing.”kylie

What can I say…. a heart felt thank you for doing my Soul Safari session today. I am looking forward to looking after me! You really made me feel like I can move forward today Megan, your gift is truly amazing.

K Rutherford- Mama + Corporate Executive, Western Australia


“She is a gorgeous soul with a lot of wisdom, and compassion.”

I want to say how amazing Megan is…I recently did a month long Divine Mama Transformation Program with her, and it’s really been amazing at helping me see some things in a different way. I learnt a lot of new things too that I’ve been integrating in my life gradually. Things have been opening up for me without me even trying. I just feel like I’ve come home. All her readings and insights were spot on as well, I would recommend Megan to anyone.

Besides which she is a gorgeous soul with a lot of wisdom, and compassion

Thank you so much Megan ♥

A. Chara – Stay at home mama, Queensland, Australia


“The reading was exactly what I needed to hear”


“I can’t thank you enough for the wonderfully encouraging and insightful angel card reading. You have a wonderful way with words . The reading was exactly what I needed to hear at that point of time in my life. I would not hesitate to recommend you to all my friends and family.”

Thank you

Lauren Petrovic – Mama + Wellness Coach


“Megan has such a true gift”


“Megan has such a true gift and I am so grateful for the guidance from her.
I was amazed at the accuracy and the practical action steps I was given from the Angel card reading.

I had never talked about my past with Megan, but she was able to pick up that I was struggling to deal with emotions surrounding my father. Since then, I have been able to use her advice to heal and open my heart to a beautiful new relationship.”

Tracey Rose – Mama + Natural Birth Educator


“Extremely impressed with the wonderful Angel card reading I received”


“I was so delighted and extremely impressed with the wonderful Angel card reading I received from Megan. I was having a bit of a rocky patch with regards to finances and career development and I was amazed at how well Megan’s reading picked up on the energy of what was exactly going on in my life at the time.

The suggestions I received from the reading were very effective and made a difference to my energy levels and the way I perceived things very quickly.

The reading thoroughly exceeded my expectations and Megan delivered the overall reading with such passion, commitment and compassion. Wonderful experience!”

Amanda Reed – Passionate Entrepreneur and Visionary


“So spot on in so many ways”

“The reading you sent me was amazing – so spot on in so many ways…it actually blew me away. Thank you so much for doing it.”

Helen Lingard – Mama + Mindset Coach + Blogger + PA


“I have so much more clarity and direction”


“I had never experienced such coaching as I did from Megan, wow! During our session I felt so much love and caring from her and her spiritual enlightenment blew me away!

I’m quite ‘new’ to spiritual enlightenment things but Megan’s approach by far, is and was very easy to understand. Since my session with Megan I feel on top of my world, I feel like I have so much more clarity and direction and I feel in my heart and soul that I’m on the right road, it’s a beautiful feeling and I feel so blessed to have had the chance to speak with Megan….

I’m almost speechless, I’m finding it hard to explain just how much this session meant to me. THANK YOU!!! In the near future I will most certainly get coaching from her again!”

Tara Lea – Mama + Women’s Holistic Life Guide


I am so honoured and grateful for all of the wonderful people I work with!

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