My journey of Completion - Megan Koufos

The past few months, I’ve been on a journey…yes another one.

Through an amazing alignment of events including the birth of my medicine drum, awakening and stepping into my Earth medicine woman, and deepening my shamanic practice, something started to open inside of me.

I’ve been journeying through the dark night of my soul. Through my own personal shadows. Through the part of myself that I have kept hidden for so long.

I have felt very alone along this journey this year.

And although I couldn’t always understand, and sometimes my ego would become so loud – its given me the strength to support and back myself.

To have my own back.

And focus on my family, clients and transforming my relationship with my husband and myself – honoring this cycle of my life, as I step up to the next level.

And the outcome and transformation that has resulted has taken me by surprise.

And I can feel the shift in me.

You see the funny thing about these journey’s, these adventures, is that you sometimes don’t even realize they are happening until you are in the thick of it, and its too late to turn back.

You just have to keep moving through, riding the waves and hanging on with all you have.

But first, lets rewind a little…….

Life coaching was something I had always thought about doing.

Even back when I was in my corporate career, those inner pangs of wanting to do something more meaningful…life coaching was the area I looked into.

I remember researching and looking, and instead of perusing, I listened to the naysayers…”There are already too many”, “everyone is doing it”, “you will never make any money from that”

And so I stayed in my corporate job, and turned my attention towards starting a family.

Fast forward 6 years, through my saturn return, the birth of my babies and myself, and my own personal journey of transformation.

And cue one of the most the gorgeous, open hearted, and authentic women I’ve had the honour to meet – Julie Parker and her divine Beautiful You Coaching Academy.

And about 6 months ago things line up as if by a series of miracles, an I sign up to her life coach training program to become a certified Beautiful You Life Coach.

I joined up for the course not knowing how this would look for me or my business. I just knew that I needed to be there.

And the truth is that I had never considered myself a coach – even as I was going through the course.

I thought I was studying to help bring some grounding and structure to my sessions, to be able to work with mothers and their children over a longer time frame.

Which I absolutely did.

But I also got a whole lot more. More than I could have ever imagined.

It has given me the most amazing sense of clarity and vision for where I am going with my business, and has helped to ground me solidly – which let me tell you that no easy feat.

I have been able to become awakened to how I bring all of my skills, learning and abilities together to create a signature programs and offerings for my clients.

And I finally see what I am here for and how to deliver this to the world. I feel confident, sure and like I have full permission to just do this in my own way.

And the fear that has crippled me for so long…yes its still there…but no where near as big or as suffocating.

It was like this training was the missing piece that has brought everything together for me……how ironic that its the area that I first felt guided to go into all those years ago.

And it’s just like that message in the Alchemist…in that sometimes we don’t know where the journey is going to take us. And we have to go through that journey to become the people we need to be, to be able to do what we have come here to do.

And if we trust and follow our soul/intuition/higher self/ gut feeling – what ever you wish to call it, and honour and trust that, you may not understand why you are being guided in a particular direction, but eventually that will become clear.

And so on Sunday as a group of amazing women who have all been on this journey with me, gathered in a room, led by the divine Julie, and guided by the gentle divine wisdom of Rachael MacDonald from In Spaces Between, with the masculine support and space holding done by Julie’s gorgeous husband.

I completed that journey.

A journey that feels like its been lifetimes in the making.

A journey that feels like after so many challenges, and so many tries.

A journey that in some way feels complete.

And after lots of laughter, moving through fears, Q & A time, yummy food, cup cakes, and sipping tea, we came towards the end of the day.

The moment of opening our hearts even more.

That moment of completion.

That moment of declaring to each other, who we have come to serve.

And as we cleared the tables, and enjoyed the last moments of afternoon tea, we all took our seats.

Julie then led us through a visualisation, where we pictured our perfect client.

And what we could help her to do, to be and to achieve.

And so as I wrote from my heart, the words flowed like never before.

And then we had to share it with the group…..yikes, my intuition knew it was coming but I wrote with vulnerability and sincerity anyway.

And so fighting back tears of a journey that has been so long,

Of a journey that has been so dark,

Of a journey that has been so lonely,

I read my message to her, my perfect client:

I can help her to see her child in a new light.

To help her truly understand, know and connect with her child deeper than ever before.

She will come to see her child as the divine mirror and teacher that they are.

Through this she will deepen her connection within and reclaim the parts of herself that she has locked away and resisted.

She will learn to embrace both her light and her dark.

And realise that neither is good or bad.

But just all parts of her, that make her whole, unique and an imperfect human being and mother,

Transforming herself and her family from the inside out.

And so with that gorgeous mama, I ask is this you?

If it is, lets connect.

I get where you are…..because I’ve been there.

And I get where you are going…because I’m there.

My journey has been long. And I’ve had some amazing support and love along the way….I would love to be that support to you.

Let me take you by the hand and be with you on this journey, of seeing your child and yourself in whole new light.

If you are ready, and would like to connect, I invite you to schedule your complementary Soul Check-in session with me, by filling out the short questionnaire here.

You can get all of the details and how I work here.

I look forward to talking with you soon.

love and hugme bios