last night I cried

Last night in the darkness and stillness of the night,

I cried,

I wailed,

And I howled.

As my tears opened up a chasm of emotion that has been bubbling away beneath.

Beneath the surface,

Beneath the smile,

Beneath the sparkle in my eyes,

And I cried.

I cried for the oceans

the rivers

and the trees.

I cried for the animals

the insects

and the bees.

I cried for the parents

who have lost their children,

And the children

who have lost their parents,

to never again hear the sound of their laughs,

or hear their cries,

never to feel their sweet touch, the smell of their skin,

or to look into their eyes.

I cried for the planet

And for us as a race.

Who seem so far away from what we originally came to do,

to experience,

Who seem all to consumed with fear, greed and hatred,

Instead of love and all of its expressions.

I cried for all of the light workers

Who shine their light so bright,

Like the light houses that guide souls through the darkness of night.

And even in the darkest of times they are there,

Standing strong against the mightiest wear.

Despite being tired, and sometimes wondering why,

Does it really ever matter?

Will things really ever change?

I cried for all of the times I have been angry and yelled at my children.

I cried for all of the times of my anguish and worry,

which seem so petty in comparison.

And as I cried my sounds filled my quiet house,

And I surrendered to the tears, to the pain and to the sadness and despair.

And with my tear stained cheeks,

and red bulbous eyes,

the darkness began to lift.

It began to crackle and wash away.

And I remembered the light,

That we are here to shine,

Even in the darkest of times.,

So in the only way I know how

I the only way I know what to do,

I ask you to join my hand,

Hand in hand,

Heart in heart,

Join me in a circle of light,

and of life,

And hold your light like the mightiest, bright of bright.

web-7986megan koufos