coming out




From behind the shadows….

As an Earth medicine woman, and intuitive soul coach.

I’m finally ready to be seen in my own sacred space and tell the world my truth and message that lies within my heart.

And while this may be surprising, as I have bits of it on my website, and I’ve done distance headings and readings for clients for years……

In person sessions, and really speaking my truth have been something that I’ve avoided.

Just over 2 years ago, after the birth of my third child I starting working with a psychic.

She gave me some amazing ideas to move my business forward, and one was to start having morning teas for the mothers in my community, at my home.

But I did not.

Call it being afraid.

Call it past life stuff.

Call it being open and vulnerable.

Call it what you will.

But I did not feel ready.

As so this has been sitting within me, bubbling away for so long.

But the truth is – I have been hiding.

Hiding behind my excuses, like raising my kids and I don’t have time.

Hiding behind my weight and insecurities.

Hiding behind my home is not perfect.

I didn’t have the space to do sessions, so we created one.

Yet still I stayed stuck.

My home is not perfect.

I am not perfect.

And my kids…we’ll as divine as they are…they are very free spirited, and some would say a little wild.

Which is exactly how I want them to be.

And although I’ve had friends over to my sacred space,

I’ve never really opened it further than that.

Because then I have no where to hide.

Stepping out like that feels really vulnerable to me.

It feels scarey,

it feels naked

it feels so open and free.

Its everything I want and desire.

It’s what my soul desires and yearns for.

But for so long it has felt too raw and vulnerable to bare.

I was not ready.

But the truth, and I know you have heard it before.

Is that we never feel truly ready.

And so in the beginning stages of planning my first in-person healing circle I could not find a venue.

The thoughts of postponing it went through my head.

But lucky for me, I have an amazing Shamanic mentor who called me out on my lies and excuses.

Plain as day the perfect venue was right in front of me, under my nose (or feet)

it made sense…

fully fenced yard…

toys for the kids, in fact a whole play room…..

safe and secure….

fire pit and all of my medicine tools.

So I stand here with my arms wide open.

I am opening up my home.

I am opening up my heart.

And I’m opening up my soul to be seen,

As an Earth Medicine Woman,

as a voice for the New Kids,

as a holder of sacred healing space,

and as a facilitator of connection.

And invite you divine mama to join me at my first in-person event.

A scared circle of love, healing and ritual to connect like minded mothers and their children.

Those of us who are moving into the next paradigm of parenting…

who are doing things a different way than what has been done before,

and who know our beautiful divine kids are here to do some amazing things.

This circle is for you if you are craving support which you do not have.

This circle is for women just like me.

Who long for a soul sister to come over for a play date or cuppa.

Or have someone to call on the days when you need some extra mama support.

Or just to be held against a warm heart like only a mother has and understands, and be seen and heard….but not separate from our kids…with them there as well.

This circle is for YOU.

If you are in Brisbane, and are free to come along on 21 September, I would love to see you at my Mummy and Me Earth Medicine morning to celebrate the Spring Equinox.

All of the details can be found here.

And for all of you Melbourne mamas, make sure you connect with the gorgeous Nicole Rowan Holt here, who has something brewing for you.

And if you are in Sydney, get in contact with the gorgeous Beáta Alföldi, from Wild Heart Awakening here.
See you soon?

Loads of love and hugs

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