calling all maverick mamas

Do you feel so confused and overwhelmed by all of the ‘parenting methods’ out there as to what is the ‘right’ way to raise your kids? 

Do you long to find a safe space that you can just sink into and be held?

One which is free from judgement and ridicule and you are given full permission  to be the mother you choose to be – one which trusts herself wholeheartedly, hears her kids in a connected & conscious way, to be your own parenting guru, with zero fucks given of outside opinions?

welcome mama to

the maverick mama membership

what if you trusted yourself mama

What if you just had your own back, listened to your intuition and mothered from that place?

What if motherhood just filled you up, instead of depleted you?

What if you had full permission to NOT conform to societal limitations of motherhood – but chose to love, own, embrace and express your OWN METHOD OF MOTHERING  – without guilt or doubt?

how would that change the way you show up as a woman, a mother, for your kids and for your dream life?

I see you mama. I feel you.

I get it completely.

I’ve been there, and I know what it feels like to constantly question yourself, be overwhelmed, guilty and feeling so alone and misunderstood in your parenting.

And for so long I hid my motherhood journey from the world (despite that its my soul purpose and dharma to give our children a voice and support mamas to trust themselves).


Partly because of not wanting to share my kids challenges with the world, and also because EVERYTHING I’ve done as a mother has been guided by TRUSTING MYSELF, MY INTUITION, MY HEART and HEARING MY CHILDREN.

I haven’t shared a lot of what I do as a mother, how I support my kids, how I’ve navigated some of the deepest challenges from post-natal depression, my kids being non-verbal, showing markers of Autism, night terrors, separation anxiety, poop smearing and toilet training challenges, biting, and explosive anger outbursts and tantrums.

And because I never sought professional support or subscribed to a particular method of mothering…..I wondered if my approach would resonate with anyone.

And it’s also been my own journey of trusting myself completely and wholly, and embracing that I’m different – I see & be with life differently.

And for so long I felt wrong, unsure, untrusting of myself or that I just ended up on some foreign planet and I was never meant to be here.

I could never find my place – because I didn’t come here to fit it.

have you ever felt like this?

Knowing you were different.

You can feel it.

And yet you’ve never really known how to embrace it. Love it. Own it. Express it. You’ve spent your whole life trying to fit in and it left you feeling disconnected, deflated and at times depressed.

And deep down you know your kids are different too – they are sensitive, nonconformist, unorthodox, free spirited and even what some would call eccentric.

And you want to do everything in your power to support them to shine and raise them differently to how you were raised.

We are ushering in a new way of parenting – one that is led by the messages of our heart, intuition and kids – and no book, or parenting expert can tell us how – because THIS GENERATION OF KIDS IS DIFFERENT.

We are paving the new way.

And I’m here as FULL PERMISSION to powerfully TRUST YOURSELF, listen to your heart, and intuition and see your kids as the amazing wise teachers they are.


(Join today for $11. Then $22 each month. You can cancel at anytime. No lock in contracts)

what is a maverick mama? 

 A maverick is defined as an unorthodox or independent-minded person. An individualist, nonconformist, free spirit, unconventional, original, trendsetter, bohemian, eccentric, outsider;

And a maverick mama is ready to powerfully parent from a place of no fucks given of outside opinions, or what your parents did.

We bring our independent, non-orthodox, free-spirited approach to mothering -to do things in our own way, at our own pace – and we choose to NOT let the expectations or beliefs of others weigh us down anymore.

We do EVERYTHING in our own way, in our time, according to what FEELS aligned for us and our children.

It may go against all of the books and approaches out there and we don’t subscribe to a particular way to mother and raise our children.

Just the way that is guided by our heart and intuition, our kids and trusting ourselves completely.

It’s our own Maverick Method of mothering.

We are a movement of mamas who are done listening to the opinions and advice of others & the world in how our kids “should” be raised.

We are the generation who heal the inter generational trauma and pain from generations before. We are the generation who change the way society and the world see and hear ourselves and our kids.

Our kids are calling for it. We, as mothers, are calling for it.

And our heart and souls are aching for it. For us to come back into ourselves, trust ourselves, let our hearts and intuition guide us, and most of all TRULY HEAR OUR CHILDREN.

what is the maverick mama membership?

Its a safe space for mamas to find their tribe of like minded mamas, and receive the support to trust yourself completely and be you own parenting guru and parent from this space – without judgement, ridicule or ‘right’ or ‘wrong’.

The nurturing space and permission to fuck the parenting books, to be the mother you choose to be, to be your fucking AMAZING self, parent from a place of TRUSTING yourself, and hearing and seeing your kids for the most amazing WISE divine messengers and teachers they are.

It’s the container to pioneer a new way of motherhood, parenting & the way we see, hear & be with our magnificent wise kids – your own way, your own time, your own standards, with zero fucks given of outside opinions or rules or how things used to be.

Its the space where we drop the belief that we are shit mamas for doing it different. For doing it our way and for hearing our kids in a connected conscious way.


what you get

  • Membership to our private Maverick Mama Membership Facebook group
  • Masterclasses and monthly messages
  • Accountability and support from a community of soul sister mamas all on the same journey
  • Immediate access to the 6 Module –  Raising Spiritual Kids Ecourse – to connect consciously with your kids
  • Guided Meditations and Activations to connect you deeper within to your heart and child(ren)

Maverick Mama Membership is a conscious container of love and support for mothers who are ready to pioneer new way of motherhood, parenting and raising our kids – the movement where mothers trust themselves and hear their kids in a conscious connected way.

Jump in today to lock in this incredibly low monthly investment.

(Join today for $11. Then $22 each month. You can cancel at anytime. No lock in contracts)


yes I’m a maverick mama