The New Earth Children

Who are The New Earth Children?

the essence of your child’s soul can not be seen with the eyes – it must first be felt with the heart

The current generation of children that are being born on the planet at this time are different to the previous generations.

The world and societal systems try to label these children, but they have come here deliberately different so they can not be made to fit in.

They are the next evolution of the human race, and they vibrate energetically, and soulfully, at a higher level than the generations before them.

For this reason many can have trouble integrating to life here on Earth – which is still energetically dense, and often feel misplaced and alone.

All children being born at this time have spiritual gifts (we all do).

They express them in different ways.

And the extent to which they develop and come to the forefront is dependent on the journey and evolution of their soul and the space and encouragement they are given to express these gifts.

Our children can have the following characteristics and challenges:

*(please note your child may have a mixture of these characteristics, they may have some characteristics, and not others, and be a mixture. There is no “one size fits all” description or set of characteristics that describe the our children……because they are all so incredibly different and unique. This list is not definitive or final):

  • highly sensitive
  • highly intutive
  • determined
  • definant
  • often labelled as difficult, spirited, spiritually gifted, indigo, crystal, rainbow, diagnosed with ADHD, Autism, ADD, OCD, Hyper sensory disorder
  • they know how you are feeling or what you are thinking without telling them – they know what to do and say without you having to tell them
  • will tell you they can hear things like constant ringing in their ears, or music
  • they will just know things, without being able to explain how
  • they can be prone to sudden mood changes, without being able to explain it
  • can feel out of place here on Earth, like they don’t belong
  • they know what they want
  • they rebel against the status quo
  • question our way of living on the planet (rebel against the societal systems and they way we as a society do things)IMG_7773
  • forward and evolved in some areas, and delayed in others
  • can be late talkers and walkers
  • strong connection to crystals, nature and animals
  • can be anxious and fearful
  • talk about past lives
  • may display healing abilities
  • hightened perception
  • prone to daydreaming and highly imaginative
  • see/feel/hear spirits and other dimensions – can see beyond the veil
  • see and sense angels and their spirit guides, orbs and glowing sparks (you may notice them looking, interacting with things that you do not see)
  • telepathic
  • prone to high anger and temper tantrums
  • can be withdrawn and aloof
  • sensitive to loud noises, preservatives, additives, pesticides, cleaning products and toxins
  • technologically savy
  • can be hard to toilet train, and dislike the functions and upkeep of the human body
  • self selected vegetarians
  • can be prone to rebellious behaviour
  • expressive and highly creative
  • very wise and older than they are
  • highly empathetic (will often come back from school/crowded places feeling a mixture of emotions)
  • need alone time after energetic noisy and crowded environments


They are the misfits, the change makers, the rebels, the square pegs who do not fit – the kids who are here to shake things up, bring about change, and help us remember who we are and why we are here.

Because to me our kids are the answers to our prayers – to heal and change the world, but they can not do it alone.

And I know if you are feeling the challenges and worries of raising a child in our current world – you must be thinking I’m nuts.

But it is through their health, behavioral, learning, communicating, and socialising challenges that their experiences shows us, as a society what is not working and that which needs to change, leading us to a new way of living, loving and being.

They need us as their parents, carers, protectors, and nurturers, aunts, uncles, and grandparents to hold a sacred space for them to be able to shine their light in the way their soul urges.

They need us to speak up for them, and to see them as the divine teachers and guides that they are.

And my role is to provide that channel for them and help the world to see them as the divine teachers and guides that they are.

To  give them a voice to truly be heard, to get their messages and teachings into the world, so they can begin to do what they have come here for.

I have been shown what the world would look like if we as their parents step out of the way and let our children do what they have come here to do.

Its beautiful.

We live in communities all supporting each other.

The air is fresh, and the Earth is healed. There are endless miles of green luscious trees and clean water. The animals are safe, and we have taken back our role as the guardians of our precious planet.

The school system is holistic and kids are taught life skills and each of their individual gifts and talents are encouraged and nurtured, through art, craft, story telling, music, creative expression and outdoor play.

There is laughter and celebration, joy and love.

If you are waiting for utopia…it’s already here…..we just have to clear the muck that has piled up over generations of unconsciousness and unawareness, and help these beautiful kids create, express, question, change and do what they have come to do.

As a mother of 3 children – who are all highly spirited and spiritually gifted in their own ways, I understand the daily challenges, worries and concerns that come with being a parent.

I also understand and experience first hand the beautiful gifts and immense joy they bring thorough blessing us with their presence.

Know that just as you have chosen them to be your children, they to have chosen you to be their mother because you are perfect in every way to be able to give them the opportunities for growth and expansion that their soul has chosen on its path of purpose for this lifetime.

If this sounds like your child, you can contact me here to see how we can work together to help you and your child receive the support, understanding and guidance to connect deeply soul to soul.

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