Womb Wisdom Temple Day

This is your invitation to spend a day in sacred space, journeying into the depths of your creative portal, to reclaim your feminine power to create.


For so long we have been told in order to create and connect to our intuition, we need to meditate and connect with our third eye.

But for so long this has felt counterintuitive.

Leaving us disconnected from our bodies, and focused in our headspace.

We try harder to connect and wonder why we are feeling disconnected, over thinking, over analysing and frustrated.

Its time to come back into our bodies – to embody and achor our intuition – and it begins in our wombs.

Your womb – the space where your soul connects, your intuition is heard and your sacred feminine creations are conceived.

How this temple day was conceived.

Womb Wisdom Temple Day is a sacred full day workshop that has been over 2 years in the making.

As a certified Red Tent facilitator, Reiki Master, Sacred Circle Facilitator, Child Soul Whisperer & Soul Embodiment Mentor for mothers to reveal their soul, and reclaim and embody their innate power, wisdom and intuition, I’ve been on my own womb awakening and healing journey for the past 9 years.

Through this time I’ve reconnected deeply with my intuition, soul and psychic abilities which has been amplified through my learning and experiencing the magnificence of womb wisdom and healing.

I’ve healed my own painful menstrual cycle, and PCOS, and have consciously conceived my four children through reclaiming and honouring the power of my womb, menstrual cycle and blood.

And awakened my own intuitive creation abilities which has enabled me to channel and dream designs and then physically create and birth them into the world.

With the conception of my 4th child, I began working with the Council of Higher Sages receiving downloads of ancient light codes called the Divine Feminine Codes of Creation. These are a set of  7 symbols that are here to anchor and guide us to remember the sacred creation process that exists within us all.

I’ve been working with these codes through the conception and gestation of this Temple Day.

And I’ve been guided that this temple day is the first step to integrating theses codes into our being through receiving an attunement for the first code.

This is your sacred invitation to step back inside the temple and reclaim your innate power, wisdom and intuition as a mother and woman.

Its time to Remember.

Remember Your Power.

Remember Your Wisdom

And Remember who you were before the world told you who you should be.

In this experiential workshop bringing together a mix of energy healing, red tent wisdom, visualisation and meditation, movement,  traditional ceremonies and rituals, peer to peer exercises, interactive discussions and sharing – to create a fully immersive experience to:

  • Connect deeply to your divine feminine and your body’s wisdom
  • unlock ancient wisdom waiting to be re-awakened within
  • activate your own inner healer
  • release pain and trauma
  • understand and embody the feminine creation process and bring it into all areas of your life
  • access your creative and manifestation power with ease
  • rituals and guidance to honour your sacred blood and honour your monthly flow
  • open your womb portal to the cosmic womb and reclaim your role as the bridge between worlds
  • restore your sacredness to your womb and feminine power
  • reclaim your ability to create from a place of ease and flow
  • remember how to just BE with life and creation
  • embody your intuition and connect deeply to your soul
  • reunite with your soul sister family from centuries ago

As previously mentioned you also receive an attunement to the first of the scared lightcodes from the Divine Feminine Codes of Creation, as well as powerful journeys to connect with two powerful guides to support you on your reclaiming – your Womb Power Animal and Ancient Womb Wise Woman

Details are below:

How Much:


When: Sunday 14th October

Time: 10am – 5pm

Where: Santosha Yoga Space

What to bring: Your gorgeous self, a journal and pen, any crystals/totems you feel called to bring, a smooth rock for releasing, a plate of food (vegetarian) to share for lunch.

The studio is equipped with mats, and bolsters. If you want to be extra comfy bring a yoga mat and any extra cushions/pillows you like – as we will be sitting on the floor for the day.