Sacred Sound Meditation & Healing Immersion

Sound Meditation & Healing Immersion – Brisbane

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Imagine your body, mind and soul being immersed in the soothing, nourishing, healing and aligning sounds of crystal singing bowls, shamanic drumming and guided meditation.

As the waves of healing sound and vibration wash over and through you, your energy centres and aura, you will be taken on a journey. A journey to the most ancient part of yourself. A journey which will be individual to you and only you.

Aligning you to the light of your soul. Raising your vibration. Unlocking and heightening your intuitive and psychic senses. And shift anything which is preventing you from moving forward.

You may connect with your angels and guides in an even deeper way, meet an intergalactic traveler, connect with a loved one who has passed, download information to help you on your path and purpose, and receive exactly what you need at the time.

Why Crystal Bowls?

My first experience with crystal bowls, was several years ago, when I was doing my Crystal Therapy Practitioner Training. My teacher at the time played the bowls, at the end of our training, when I experienced what could only be described as an out of body experience.

I was covered with crystals, meditating and I energetically went somewhere I could only have imagined in my dreams.
It was a place full of so much love, and while I was there I was reunited with my grandma who had passed several years earlier.
I did not get a chance to say good bye to her, and I carried a lot of grief and shame around that.
I could feel her energy and was able to connect with her. She held me and said it was ok, and that she understood, and that she was always with me.
I remember energetically being called back by my teacher, and not wanting to return as I’d never felt peace and love like I did at that moment, where ever I was.
When I did come back I cried tears of absolute relief, joy and healing from carrying that heavy load around me.
That day I will always remember as one of my most powerfully healing days, and it was made so, with my teacher playing the crystal singing bowls.
It was the highest I’ve ever been (and as an ex-party girl thats a bold statement).

And from that profound moment, I’ve absolutely loved meditating and journeying with the crystal bowls.

They have been a huge part of my soul healing, and alignment journey.

And now I want to share this amazing medicine, sound and vibration with you.

Some of the benefits of crystal bowl sound meditation includes:

  • reduce stress and tension
  • balance chakras and clear aura
  • increase clarity and focus
  • reduce blood pressure
  • release fears and anxiety
  • deepen meditation
  • release built up emotions
  • align and clear on the physical,  emotional and spiritual level
  • help with sleeping problems and insomnia
  • strengthen your intuition and psychic senses
  • deepen your connection with your higher self, spirit guides, angels and animal totem
  • wake up your ability to hear – in more ways that just through your ears
  • deep inner peace and balance
  • open up your psychic senses
  • and so much more.

“I feel so blessed to have been in the presence of DJ Megan on the bowls – you know how to get the floor vibing!”

Nicole Mathieson | Kinesiologist + Intimacy Coach

“Megan’s Sacred Sound meditation was so deeply nourishing. The space was filled with so much love and the waves of energy that moved through me as Megan played her crystal bowls was other worldly. Totally delicious, expansive & healing on a cellular level.”

Jenna Ward | Kinesiologist + Embodiment Coach

“Receiving Megan’s crystal bowl healing is like being teleported across the whole universe and being drenched in starlight. It is that loving, powerful and mystical. A complete out-of and in-to body experience. I had deep shifts all across my being, layer upon layer dissolving in the blink of an eye. Such a huge transformative journey and I wish Megan and her crystal bowls lived with me!”

Melissa Sandon | Intuitive Coach, Kinesiologist and teacher

“Spending time with Megan is always a beautiful, soulful experience – and now she’s channeling that same magic through her intuitive playing of her healing crystal bowls. The power surge I felt during her playing is unlike anything else I’ve experienced, with the healing leaving me feeling very calm, clear and balanced.”

Helen Jacobs | Psychic & Channel, Writer & Creator

“Megan’s crystal bowl healing sessions are a divinely transcendent experience. You are held in a relaxed and sacred environment, cocooned in safety as you open to the healing vibrations that move through every level of your being. These sessions will gently shift imbalances and help you release what no longer serves you. By the end of your session with her, this earth mama goddess will have you feeling thoroughly cleansed, cleared and tuned up. Complete bliss.”

Carly Stephan | Community development Practitioner, blogger, writer

How this works:

On arrival, you will find your place in the candle lit space.

As you lie down and make yourself comfortable, our journey will begin with a short guided meditation to help ground your energy.

I will then begin to play the crystal bowls, which will last for abut 45 minutes.

This will then be followed by a gentle shamanic drumming journey to bring you back into the current time and space.

We will then have a short sharing space – if you feel guided to share, followed by some time to connect, chat, and of course hug.

I want to make sure after the session that you are grounded, and have come back into your body, before you blissfully float home – so please stay and enjoy some light refreshments after our meditation.

If you are feeling called I would love to see you there.

Bookings are essential as spaces are limited.



Details are below:

How Much: $45

When: TBA

Time: TBA

Where: TBA

What to bring: Your gorgeous self, a journal and pen, and any crystals/totems you feel called to bring.

The studio is fully equipped with mats, bolsters, blankets and eye pillows. If you want to be extra comfy bring a yoga mat and any extra cushions/pillows you like.

Light snacks and herbal teas will be available for afterwards our meditation.

Older children/teenagers who are meditate regularly are more than welcome to attend with an adult and by purchasing a ticket for them.


(Unfortunately this event does not cater for little kids and babies – older children who meditate regularly are more than welcome by purchasing a ticket for them above)