Mummy and Me Earth Medicine Morning

mummy and me earth medicine morning

Next Brisbane Morning: TBA

Do you see all of the amazing women’s circles happening around you, but you dislike leaving your kids or have little to no support around you for someone to watch your kids?

Do you long to connect with a group of like minded mothers in a safe environment where you can bring your kids?

Do you have a longing, deep inside of you to find your own circle of soul sisters?

I have heard you. I have felt you. Because I feel this too.

And so I have created a special monthly morning for us mothers, and our children.

Come and join us for a morning of ceremony, connection and healing with a group of like minded mamas and their littlies.

You will deepen your connection with yourself, your intuition and your children.

All while receiving the healing, guidance and support you need for where you are on your journey.

Imagine this:

After you arrive, we will sit in circle, with our children in the middle, or with us.

Then we will each choose an oracle card, and place in face down on the floor in front of us.

We will begin with an invocation to call in our spirit guides, ancestors, and higher beings to honor and give thanks and surround us with love, opening us to receive all that we need.

We will then be discussing the topic for the monthly circle. I will be sharing my wisdom and knowledge, to help you on your journey.

Each woman present will be given an opportunity to share their experience, challenges, release what they need, call in support – or anything you are called. It is at this time, you will turn over your card to see the guidance you are to receive. I will also share any intuitive hits I receive for you as well.

Please know you do not have to share if you do not want to – we honour and appreciate you showing up just as you are.

We will then have a cleansing and healing ceremony, which may include the use of sage, essential oils, meditation, soul journeying, crystal bowls, and medicine drumming.

We will get up and move our bodies, with our children and shake it all out. Embodying everything that we have just received.

We will then close the circle, with a powerful healing, beaming out to those in need.

Please know that in this space you have permission to show up just as you are. You have permission to see to your child, with out apology – whether that means taking them outside, feeding, changing a nappy.

Your child is not a distraction to our circle.

Your child is a divine gift.

This is about bringing our children into the space and honoring their energy and needs, while feeling love, support and permission to be ourselves.


The time and date of the next morning is detailed below

These mornings will be held monthly, around the time of the New Moon

All of the details are as follows:

Information Topic: TBA

How Much: $45

When: TBA

Time: 10am-12pm

Where: TBA

What to bring: Favourite toy for your child. Journal and Pen.

New dates and venues will be announced soon

There are only 15 spots available. 

If you are a mama-to-be, a mama with older children, or a woman who loves to be around kids and would love to come – you are more than welcome as well.



What mamas are saying:

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I look forward to seeing you soon

Love and hugs


Megan xo






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