upcoming events to choose yourself

Sacred space holding, meets motherhood, sound healing, soul connection, meditation, DNA Activation, & womens circles. Set in spaces of sanctuary for you to CHOOSE YOURSELF mama……so you can show up powerfully for you, your children, your partner, & the call of your soul.

full permission to be the mother

you choose to be

When we gather

We come just as we are in that moment

And sit in circle

Mirroring each other

All equal

With no one above or below

We come to meditate

We come to connect within

We come to find our village of mothers

Our tribe to hold us up and support us when we can not, or do not want, to do it ourselves

We come to heal

We come to be heard

We come to feel whole

We come to speak plainly

We come to honour our light and our shadows

We come to be seen, just as we are

We come to create

We come to release

We come to dance and move

We come to ask and receive spiritual guidance

But most of all, we come to feel as one.

virtual guided soul activation journey

online, 27th january 

meet your soul

A sacred medicine ceremony to take you deep within 

  • Connect deeper within
  • Trust yourself and your intuition
  • Raise your vibration
  • Clear out your energy
  • Receive guidance and support directly from your soul
  • Activate, awaken and illuminate the core of your being

When: Sunday 27th January, 2019 

Where: Your Sacred Space (online virtual ceremony)

What time: 10:30am – 1:00pm (AEST)

Energy Exchange:  Your full presence and time

What to bring: your gorgeous self, water, a journal and pen to write with