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Are Your Ready to Honour Your 2017 Journey and Seed Your 2018 Intentions in this FREE Sacred Ceremony?

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Included in this FREE ceremony to honour your huge journey in this 1 Universal year of new beginnings are:eoy-ceremony-sample

  • The 22 page ceremony playbook, with guidance to set up your sacred space and create the container to hold your energy and intention for the ceremony
  • Guidance on how to run this ceremony for a group of women in circle, or by yourself
  • Guided Shamanic Journey meditation/visualisation of your year to help you gain clarity, understanding and closure that you desire
  • Journaling and reflection exercises to help you get clear on your year, your breakdowns and breakthroughs, lessons, and transformations
  • Visualisation and intention setting exercises to get clear on what you are calling in for 2018
  • Guided process to anchor and ground your 2018 vision
  • Creative exercises creative exercise to seed, nourish and nurture your intentions for 2018 – using oracle cards, creative play, the powerful process of creating a prayer stick, and creating your 2018 altar.

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