jade egg

I had been called for so long to try this. It had captured my attention at a workshop one day, where I heard the concept of a jade egg talked about.

I was intrigued, but left it at that.

It sat there at the back of my mind.

But it just felt so big and let be honest a little scarey.

The idea of putting a crystal shaped egg up my va-jay-jay felt a little bit weird. A bit naughty. A bit pleasurable.

I’d become so disconnected from my sensual feminine power since having my babies that I didn’t know where to start.

And so after journeying through my shadow and completing my life coaching certification I began to get a strong inner sense that there was more.

I had to go deeper. There was still a part of me that needed healing. That needed reconnecting. That needed awakening.

So I decided it was time to dive deeper.


My beautiful egg arrived just in time for the school holidays, and it was also the time that I was about to embark on a journey though the shadows with the dark goddess Lilith – the goddess who represents the shadow side of feminine sexuality.

Oh I was in for a ride.

And after the full moon I was guided to begin.

After having 3 babies, let me honest, my yoni is not as strong as she used to be.

So for now I wear my egg at night while I sleep.

I surrender to receiving her, with my hand on my heart and breathing her in.

And her beautiful energy radiates through my body, reconnecting, opening, healing, awakening and aligning while I sleep.

And although I’ve only been wearing her for a few weeks, the changes and shifts that I’ve experienced already are amazing, including:

  • amazingly vivid dreams, that I can remember (I haven’t for so long) and understand giving me guidance and clarity while I sleep
  • a deeper more intimate connection with my soul and spirit guides
  • my intuition is off the charts
  • bringing more pleasure into my day
  • being able to do mirror work with loving acceptance for me, my size, my gorgeously round tummy and letting my fears go
  • I’ve stopped drinking alcohol excessively and comfort eating
  • my connection and understanding with my hubby is amazing – I feel like someone has taken off the blinders and I see the man I feel in love with so many years ago. We are calmer and more connected than I can remember being in so many years – like we have fallen in love all over again
  • Our sex life is off the charts, and my orgasms seem to last forever…in fact I feel orgasmic a lot of the time
  • I’ve started getting procedures and support systems in place for my business – including getting my finances in order
  • I’m getting clearer on so many levels, and finally doing things I have wanted to do for so long but procrastinated about. And honestly its blowing my mind

And this is just a few weeks in. But you know what the greatest shift has been.

That I’ve finally embraced that little girl inside.

The cheeky one who was so in love with her body that there was no shame. The goofy, uniquely strange and utterly comfortable in her own skin little girl.

The one who would openly play with her yoni, not wear nickers, make jokes and people laugh, run around naked, and be so unbelievably proud and in love with herself that it didn’t matter how she dressed, or what she wore, or who liked and approved of her – that came later.

That little girl has come back. And yes of course she is all grown up.

But the more I sink into this journey. The more I reconnect with me. The more I honor me. And the more I love me.

Just as I am.

And that in turn has deepened my absolute love and appreciation for my husband, my children, my family and friends and everyone around me – in ways I could never have imagined.

So if you are being called to reconnect with your sacred womb and feminine sensuality, bring more pleasure into your life, deepen your relationships, and feel ready for the deep healing and release that this will bring, I can not recommend this sacred Jade Egg journey enough.

It will seriously change your life.

Have you been on your own jade egg journey? Have you always been curious and wondered how to start?  Do you have any questions? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

And if this tinges something inside of you, please share with your friends and peeps – I’d be so grateful

Loads of love and hugs from the little girl inside of me to the little girl inside of you

Megan xox

PS this journey can bring up some deep healing and feelings, so please make sure you are ready for this and where you are on your journey. This is my experience and journey, and everyone’s is different.

If you are keen to purchase your own, check out Rosie Rees if you are in Australia,  and Saida Désilets for overseas.