My 7 year old daughter came home the other day and told me that while getting changed afer their swimming lesson, two girls in her class told her she had a big bum and laughed.

At first I was angry.

Like any mama bear I wanted to scoop her up and march up to the scholl and demand to know who these kids were.

I wanted to yell at their parents and tell them to sort out their kids.

Her class teacher told her to just go in the toilets next time and get changed.

Her PE teacher gave the kids community service.

But does that really solve the problem?

Why should my daughter have to get dressed in the toilets?

I’ve grown up with body issues.

I remember my own mother pulling at her belly and always worried about her weight.

As as my body has grown in size over the years I’ve tried my damned hardest to love my body and treat it with kindness and respect.

I tried my hardest to do all of my own inner work of self love and acceptance, so I never pass my body issues onto my kids – especially my daughter.

I never hide my body from my children, and my beautiful flopppy belly that they often play with, I always say its beautiful!


Because how could I berate or hate something so amazing as to bring gifts from the stars into life?

And if you saw my daughter you would be shocked that someone would ever think let alone say that to her.

This little poppet who still fits into her size 5 clothes, loves fruit and could run a marathon if she tried.

And even if its joking its just not on.

But you see children are not born as bullies.

They are not born connected and with love in their hearts.

As babies they are fascinated with themselves and everything around them.

They love every part of themselves – ever their poo.

They scream at the top of their voices because they love the sound of their own voices.

Its not until they begin to grow and learn that they are taught that these things are bad, dirty or to be quiet.

And I can’t help but think, that we are failing our kids – we are failing our daughters.

If bullying, and putting others girls on the playground down, leaving them out and teasing them is so rife without our school and society – then yes we are failing our children.

Because being a bully is taught.

Sorry it has to be said.

And its our responsibility as parents to realise this and do something about it.

I get it, we live in a bullied society. The government tells us what to do all the time – or we will have things taken away from us.

We are not allowed to marry who we want, or make holistic health the decisions for our child with out them being excluded from kindy and daycare now.

We are told how fast or slow to go, whats good and bad and what we can and can’t do.

But it doesnt make it right.

You see as parents we are so powerful.

And its time to wake up and realise that.

If you treat yourself and your child with respect, love and like a human being they will treat others like that.

If you treat yourself and your child with punishment, yelling, looking down on them and berrating them, taking things away from them, excluding them and ignoring them – then they will treat others like that.

It seems really simple.

So way do we have 7 year old telling other 7 year old that they have big bums.

Because of us.


We as parents are the blame for this.

And media, and the school system. And our government and politicians.

But we as parents have a big responsibility – it all begins at home.

And its time for us to realise this.

Its time for us, especially us mothers with daughter to realise that you pulling on your tummy with that sad face, or asking does my bum look big in this, or looking in the mirror saying I’m fat – is effecting our girls.

Our little tiny babies who are born into this world perfect and not needing anything – look up to you, believe you, and trust everything you say – why wouldn’t they.

So what you are saying about your body and how you are acting if effecting them.

And that effects all of us, whether you realise it or not.

And NO, this is not about shaming, judging you or putting your down.

This is about calling you to awake.

Become conscious and aware.

so this is my Rainbow Warrior Call to the women of the world:

I call on the women of the world.

I call on your for our daughters

I call on your for our sons

I call on your realise how truly powerful you are

How great you are

And how capable of change you are

I call on your to love yourself.

E-V-E-R-Y   S-Q-U-A-R-E    I-N-C-H

of your amazing body.

To honour yourself, your body and your being.

I call on you to love your fellow woman, instead of judging her, of being jealous, or putting her down, or leaving her out.

I call on your to hold your child tight, and to never leave them out.

Work through your shit, your triggers and own inner darkness.

And let yourself be held and soothed by the Great Mother – that of our Mother Earth.

Because our children are crying.

And our children are dying.

It time women of the world to realise how powerful we are and how our actions, beliefs and words are shaping our children and their reality.

As one mother to another teach your kids to be inclusive not exclusive

To love differences and honour them with sacred grace

To lift people and others girls up instead of tear them down

But most of all – teach them to love themselves.

Because when they do the pain will stop.

As one mother to another I call on the women of this world.

Hear my rainbow warrior cry

Let our strength be your strength

Let our patience be your patience

Let our awareness be your awareness

Let our love be your love.

If not for you.

Do it for our children.

Do it for our daughters.

Do it for our sons.

Its time to rise and know

that all change begins with us

But we can not do this alone.

Together we rise.

I love you

I love me

I love our Great Mother

And I love, adore and honour our children.

We are one

We are love.

Mama Rainbow Warrior Call Over and Out.

If not us then who?

If not now then when?

Love and hugs