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This is the space for visionary truth seeking humans, light leaders, maverick mamas raising magical kids, world shakers who are truly ready to un-tether your soul and be with life to the beat of your own drum. 

And I’m here to be a nurturing, open hearted guide, with full permission for you to give no fucks and do it your way, as you step into the woman, mother, love, human, parent you choose to be, trust yourself wholeheartedly, and ignite your soul into the world. 

full permission to be the women, mother, lover, human

you choose to be

this is my story

come sit with me while I share my heart

I’m Megan. #maverickmama  to 4, Wifey, Soul Activator, Multidimensional Medicine Woman, Magic Maker, Visionary Healer, Spiritual Expansion Teacher, Light Language Channel, Conscious Parenting Coach & Wholeness Embodiment Mentor who guides visionary awakening women, conscious parents, #maverickmamas, magical kids & light leaders to embody a deeper level of their soul gifts & essence, truth, divine creativity & sovereignty.  I’m also the founder of the #Maverickmama & #maverickmessenger Movement which is pioneering a new way of motherhood, parenting and the way we see, hear & be with our kids.

The #maverickmama movement was born out of my desire to support mothers to be held and our children to be heard (even before conception and right through to adulthood), to know that their voice and message matter, and provide the space and permission to be your fucking amazing self.

To know that our children are calling to be conceived, raised and heard differently to our generation and the generations before. For the space to trust yourself, your voice, your intuition and soul completely and to live from a place of what feels amazing for you and your children (from pre-conception to adulthood) in the moment.

My journey really starts as a quirky, cooky, highly intuitive and connected little girl who would eventually become disconnected from her truth, by putting on her good girl mask and doing what she “should” do – going to uni, not making a scene, and going along with things so I didn’t rock the boat.

And despite always feeling a bigger calling on my heart, the corporate world was where I stayed until the birth of my babies…..which unbeknown to me was about to completely disintegrate my world and the person I thought I was.

Despite ALWAYS wanting to be a mama, since I was a little girl, I was thrust into the world of motherhood. One where my expectations were far from the reality. And I spiralled into the depths of what would be labelled Post-natal depression (or as I now understand it deep disconnection to my truth and my soul that I could no longer hide from).

And my life would change in an instant, when while driving with my babies in the car, I saw a flash of me driving into the oncoming traffic and ending it all with my babies in the car. I frightened myself and pulled over. Looking at my pure divine perfect babies in the backseat I cried and through the tears I called to the universe. I called for things to be different. I called for that darkness to lift. I called to not be that mother anymore.

And the next day I received a strong intuitive nudge to walk, so I did. I would sometimes walk for hours with my babies in the pram. I would walk in the sun and the rain until the heaviness would lift.

I began listening to audio books. ‘No Matter What’ by Lisa Nichols changed my life. I began to explore deeper – spirituality, law of attraction, personal growth, motivation, brain chemistry, healing.

And over the past 10 years my journey has taken me deep into the depths of who I thought I was, to peel back all of the layers that I’d built up over the years, to remove all of my false masks and identities, to reconnect, remember and reclaim the deep connection to my soul, my truth and my own method of magic in this world. I’ve stripped myself bare and slowly reclaimed all of the parts of myself I’d forgotten over the years.

Remembering that you and I are and always were perfect, whole and complete and always expanding, remembering and renewing.

And so now I stand here, before you as a nurturing guide for mamas-to-be & mamas to be held in the most sacred way, and a voice for our beautiful children (from pre-conception through to adulthood) to be heard. 

I have no idea how to do this – I just can. 

 On one hand, its really cool to be able to connect with our children & spirit babies at the deepest level of their souls,  to be able to see and truly hear them, and to be able to hold a nurturing loving space for mothers & mamas-to-be to sink into and share messages & guidance that heal and transform relationships.

On the other hand, and to be blunt: being able to connect with our kiddies at this level, here on earth and beyond our world, and visiting other realms is fucking intense. Healing and mentoring work requires me to hold space for big emotions, deep insights and wild adventures through time and space. It’s not all unicorns and fairies, but it’s the work I am called to do. And the lifetimes in this work has prepared me for this.

Professionally-speaking, I hold a Bachelor of Business, am a Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Akashic Records and Crystal Healing Practitioner, Meditation Teacher, Light Language Activator, Red Tent Facilitator, and I’ve trained in angel therapy, shamanic practices, intuitive energy healing, mediumship, life coaching and red tent.

But it’s not just my study that matters.

My personal journey from the maiden to the mother has been deep and at often times dark. Navigating the path through coming home to myself from disconnection, challenges with conceiving, post-natal depression, miscarriage, conscious conception, my own spiritual awakening and remembering my wholeness (only after delving deep into my darkest shadows), raising four maverick starseeds, and tending to my marriage keeps me grounded in the muck and magic of life on earth.

I am neither above nor below the people who are called to work with me. I meet everyone at the level of equality; soul to soul.

I have a big hearted dream of guiding a million maverick mamas & their kiddies to re-wild, open and rise. And I’m here to guide you to embrace your magic in the mess, connection in the chaos and sacred in the simple and awaken to a deeper level of your own medicine, mothering, unique creative expression, soul gifts, magic, and divine truth.

When I’m not immersed in mama duties and mentoring  gorgeous wide awakening mamas, mamas-to-be, magic makers, mystics, healers and their starseeds, I can be found hanging with my Greek-Australian hubby and our four wildly free maverick children – one of those an actual Maverick (who have been the inspiration behind everything I do and be).

I’ve also been known to lay done some really cosmic tunes on the crystal bowls, love beating my medicine drum, and channel Light Language Activations to my babies.

If you feel curious about working with me, I offer events, group programs, events and 1:1 mentoring to those who feel called to work with me.

Read more about the ways we can play here:

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and as you’ve got this far

here are some extra random things about me: 

  • I connected with the soul of my unborn fourth child for over 4 years. Through deep inner work and expansion he was born 19 months ago. I am able to support and guide you to connect with the soul of your unborn child as well.
  • I love to swear…..a lot…..I try to keep clean on my website and in sessions, and if I drop an f bomb here and there please don’t be offended
  • As a little girl I remember spending hours playing with my sisters “rock” collection (which was full of divine crystals) and hours fossicing for opals at Mintabe Opal fields where my dad was a miner
  • Psychic abilities, mediumship and a strong connection to the unseen realms run in my family…although not everyone in my family have acknowledged or embraced their abilities
  • I have Navajo Indian ancestry
  • I love to people watch…I could sit for hours  watching how people move, and interact, its fascinating
  • I am born on the cusp of Capricorn and Aquarius – such a strange combination – which gives you an idea of what it’s like to be me. With a Librian moon. And Scorpio rising. I’m also an INFP (Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceiving) – we make up about 4% of the population
  • I do all of my own intuitive graphic design work, and web design (throw back to my old life in IT), and am currently channeling my own oracle card deck
  • My life animal totems are a white horse, a black panther and a mother wolf – they are always with me guiding and supporting me
  • For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated with airplanes and flying…….I am one of those people who will park at the end of the runway and watch the planes take off and land for hours – and now my littlest son shares the same fascination
  • Some days I find being a mum to 4 wildings really challenging, and other days its so rewarding and the only place in the world I want to be
  • I want to talk about the universe, the meaning of life and how life started. I want to talk about the ancient lands of Lemuria and Atlantis,  other civilisations and aliens, all things woo woo and weird, fairies, unicorns, the feelings of trees, nature and Mother Earth, and animal spirits and guides – the more ‘out there’ the better
  • I receive guidance, clarity and visions through my dreams

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