its time to remember, integrate & embody all of you

You are already all that you seek, with all of the answers within. Do you trust yourself to truly listen?

The life you dream of has always been inside of you, are you ready to allow it?

full permission to be the soul, woman, mother, lover, & human

you came here to be

who i be

welcome truth seeking human

I’m Megan. #maverickmama  to 4, Wifey, Soul Activator, Multidimensional Medicine Woman, Magic Maker, Visionary Healer, Spiritual Expansion Teacher, Light Language Channel, Conscious Parenting Coach & Wholeness Embodiment Mentor who guides visionary awakening women, conscious parents, #maverickmamas, magical kids & light leaders to embody a deeper level of their soul gifts & essence, truth, divine creativity & sovereignty. I’m also a steward for supporting our star babies and magical kids to be heard, and creator of the #maverickmama movement which inspires mothers & parents to trust themselves  and take back their power of their family’s wellbeing at the energetic, body, mind and soul levels. 

For over a decade I’ve been serving in the intuitive & healing arts while being on a deeply transformative & awakening journey of healing, reconnecting with my inner child, my unique magic and the quiet voice of my soul to remember my multidimensional wholeness following the birth of my children, and my own shadow journey of disconnection, rebellion, infertility, and “Post-Natal Depression”.

For years I have danced between the roles of motherhood, healer, wife, daughter, woman, sensitive soul, medium, technology nerd, bitch, medicine woman, rebel and divine creator to come  to this place of reclaiming and hearing EVERY FACET AND ASPECT WITHIN me.

Imagine the impact on the world if we allowed and supported every single human being to honour, embrace, integrate & heal all of the parts of themselves?

I have a big hearted dream of guiding a million hearts to re-wild, open and rise, through healing, consciousness expansion, and remembering ourselves as whole, perfect & unique souls to fall in absolute divine love with our human experience and embrace the incredible gift, joy & delight that comes with BEing HUMAN

Really what I’m here to do is support EPIC humans to clear and move through the shit which is holding them back from stepping into their dreams and sharing their magic with the world. For visionary humans to connect, integrate, honour, hear and BE ALL of you – EMBODYING YOUR MULTIDIMENSIONAL WHOLENESS…..

And step completely in the shiny fucking diamond you are, and have always been.

Because the life you dream of can only be found by going WITHIN instead of WITHOUT.

ways i guide you home to remember…..

Intuitive Insight

Divine Guidance, Healing & Energy Reading

Soul Essence Bluperint

Remember Your Purpose

Spiritual Mentoring

Reclaim your gifts & magic

 she is a unique soul-reading superstar! 

I am truly grateful for Megan’s gift of connecting with our children. Her ability to articulate my daughters unique strengths, gifts and challenges has opened up a whole new stream of communication between us. To be able to clearly recognise where my daughter needs guidance, and what guidance she brings, has fundamentally strengthened our connection.

– Shalome Stone –

return to wholeness chakra affirmation deck 

Inspirational Chakra Affirmations & Healing Tools Card Deck

A 49 card deck including suggested use insert, housed in a 2 piece hard-cased box all infused with colour healing, sacred geometry, language of light and divine love

its time to remember who you were

before the world told you who you should be

“I was able to move through one of my toughest lessons so far in my mothering journey

Megan is one of those women who has an innate ability to hold, support, nurture & care for you. With an enormous amount of love, compassion & time, & not with a single drop of judgement, she created a safe space for me to open my heart & soul

– Kelly-Ann Davey –

want to connect

lets talk about the magic we can co-create