its time for our kids to be heard

The #newparentingpardigm is where families, where mamas-to-be & mamas get to choose themselves, tune into their own way, their own pace and allow themselves to be guided from a place of no fucks given, and trusting their intuition to powerfully show up and hear their kids (pre-conception – adulthood) in a conscious, intuitive and connected way.

full permission to be the mother

you choose to be

who i be

welcome truth seeking mama

I’m Megan. Wild hearted multidimensional mama to 4, wife, Intuitive Mentor, Soul Guide, Modern Day Medicine Woman, Psychic Medium, Energy Healer & Wisdom Teacher for mamas-to-be, mamas and their kids (pre-conception – adulthood), & the founder of the #MaverickMama Movement which is pioneering a new way of motherhood, parenting and the way we see, hear & be with our magical kids.

I believe motherhood is one of the most sacredly powerful journeys of remembering our truth and reclaiming our divine feminine creative power. We truly have everything we need inside of us. And when we step up to choose and trust ourselves, and love, own, embrace & express  our independent, unorthodox, free-spirited, unlabelled, non-conformist, beat of our own drum approach to mothering and raising our divine children – this is the way to create a world of adults who are grounded in their inner knowing, truth, well being and resilience!!

I dream of a world where our children are heard for the wise teachers they are, even before birth, and where mothers are revered for their magnificent creative power

I get – I’ve been where you are and I know what if feels like to constantly question yourself, overwhelmed, guilty and feeling so alone and misunderstood in your parenting. Not sure where to turn or who to listen to.

And I’m here as full permission for you to powerfully choose and trust yourself, your heart and intuition, to hear your children (pre-conception – adulthood) and parent from a place of no fucks given of outside opinions.

Because you’re not a shit mama, you’re just a #maverickmama raising a #magicalkid

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your kids deserve to be seen & heard by a mother

who shows up powerfully for them & yourself

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the conscious container of like minded mamas and tools to choose yourself, hear your kids & trust yourself to pioneer your own method of mothering

 she is a unique soul-reading superstar! 

I am truly grateful for Megan’s gift of connecting with our children. Her ability to articulate my daughters unique strengths, gifts and challenges has opened up a whole new stream of communication between us. To be able to clearly recognise where my daughter needs guidance, and what guidance she brings, has fundamentally strengthened our connection.

– Shalome Stone –

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guided soul activation journey

A sacred medicine journey to take you deep inside to MEET YOUR SOUL. Receive guidance, healing, and a deeper connection with this ancient, & wise part of you which is pure divine love. 

INTUITIVE mentoring

A unique approach combining ancient wisdom with modern practices, soul guidance, and energy healing to let the kids of our world to be heard – through supporting mamas to trust themselves and embrace the magical mundane in motherhood, to supporting women to heal their inner child, or connecting women with their spirit babies.

“I was able to move through one of my toughest lessons so far in my mothering journey

Megan is one of those women who has an innate ability to hold, support, nurture & care for you. With an enormous amount of love, compassion & time, & not with a single drop of judgement, she created a safe space for me to open my heart & soul

– Kelly-Ann Davey –

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